Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For the Love of Bears

Please help me in welcoming Hank Edwards to the third day of the Bear Talk Blog Hop. He has some insights into his love affair with the furry men, a hot excerpt, and a chance to win "Bounty: Venom Valley Book 1".

The fine, silken threads of hair climbing up from beneath the collar of his T-shirt.
A soft brush of hair across his tanned forearm.
Three days' worth of stubble darkening his jawline, ready to graze my skin.
The whorls of fur that cover his broad chest, slide lower to gather in a soft, wiry clump at the base of his cock like a big, furry fist.
As the descriptions above support, I love hairy men. Always have, always will. There's something just so inherently masculine about men with hairy bodies that gets me. I love summer, when the college men are back home, perhaps working for a lawn service in tank tops and cargo shorts, their plump, furry calves dusted with grass clippings, or prowling the aisles of the local home repair, strong jaws shadowed with stubble, paint caught in the hair on their forearms.
Yeah, I know … it's an addiction. But it's been a lifetime's worth of addiction. Trying to pinpoint that moment in time when the attraction made itself known is like trying to finesse your first dream out of your memory. I do remember growing up a child in the late 70's, and being amazed at the buffet of men sporting body hair on TV and in movies. There was something so strong, so manly, so natural and animal about them it made all my special places tingle.
From weekend repeats of Wild, Wild West in which Robert Conrad wiggled into the tightest pants I'd ever seen and seemed to lose his shirt every third episode, to Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man and that fine patch of pelt he liked to flash, my young hormones were in a constant tailspin. When my mother chased me out of the house, I went to the movies, and there was Harrison Ford playing cocky, gorgeous space pirate Han Solo in Star Wars with his shirt open and his dark chest hair on display. While all the girls in school had pictures of young, pretty Luke Skywalker hanging in their lockers, I secretly craved some time in the secret floor compartments of the Millennium Falcon with Captain Solo where we'd have our own, private flesh saber duel.
In the 80's, Gil Gerard appeared, starring in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and I sat close to the TV, eyes wide, paying close attention for those brief moments when he would strip off his shirt to display that soft brown veldt of fur. We didn't have DVRs back then; hell, the VCR wasn't even popular yet, so no hope for a quick rewind and screen freeze. During this time period, I grabbed as many glimpses of chest hair as I could, even Charleton Heston in the movie Planet of the Apes. I gotta tell you, I was practically screaming "PUT your paws on me, you damn, hairy ape!"
And then, the big guns appeared, and I knew I was completely lost. A little show titled Magnum, P.I., showed up and it starred the biggest, furriest, mustachioed man of the bunch. Tom Selleck. Gah. I'm surprised I wasn't dehydrated for those eight years that show was on.
The 90's and 00's were all about toned bodies and sleek skin. Hardly a patch of fur in sight. It was a dark time for the bear lover, but I hung in there. I went to bars and dated men, always feeling that special thrill when I would catch a glimpse of fur beneath his rayon shirt.
And now, I have settled into domestic life with a bear of my own, who also loves bears. We share pictures found on the web with each other, and point out hotties for each other when out in public. It's a very good thing, and I'm very fortunate.
Now that I've told you my story, scroll a little lower for an excerpt from my book Bounty: Venom Valley Series, Book One. Dex Wells, a town deputy, has caught up with his best friend, Josh Stanton, who's on the run from the law. Up to now they've only been friends, but the desperation of the situation is about to change all that.
Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of my book, Bounty the first in a series of paranormal gay romance novels set in the Old West. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact the winner.
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Oh, and, by the way, my character Dex is one fine, hairy specimen of a man. Just sayin'…
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Excerpt from Bounty:

Dex rolled Josh onto his back and slid down, kissing and taking his nipples between his teeth. Josh closed his eyes and surrendered to Dex, moaning and gasping with each new place touched by his tongue. When Dex licked the length of Josh’s cock, then moved up to take him into his mouth, Josh cried out in surprise and a blaze of desire.
“Oh God, Dex,” Josh groaned. He closed his eyes and focused on Dex moving his mouth up and down the suddenly pulsing, bucking length of his cock as his climax gathered hot and powerful at the base of his spine. It shot forth, blasting into the damp, eager depths of Dex’s throat where he swallowed it down.
Josh pulled Dex off him and kissed him deep, tasting the tang of his own seed on Dex’s tongue. He rolled Dex onto his back and returned the favor, licking and kissing the hot skin of his board stiff cock, taking it in his mouth and tasting the sweat. This was Dex, the center of the man and pure masculine essence that made him who he was. This was a part of Dex no other person, man or woman, had ever known before.
“Oh, God,” Dex groaned above him. “Josh… Oh, Josh. I’m gonna…”
Dex erupted in his mouth and Josh tried to swallow as much as he could, but a good portion of the thick, white seed spilled out from between his lips and ran down the sides of the shaft. When Dex had finished, Josh used his tongue to collect as much of the spilled stuff as he could, and then crawled up over his body to lay in the crook of Dex’s arm.
They kissed, tasting each other and themselves. The kiss deepened and, soon, both were hard again.
“Dex,” Josh said between kisses. “I’ve thought about you so often.”
“Me too,” Dex said.
“I want you to…” Josh paused, unsure how to ask. It wasn’t a natural act, but at this moment nothing in Belkin’s Pass was natural. He kissed Dex again and said, “I want you inside me.”
Dex rose up on an elbow and smiled down at him. The firelight sparked in the calm, blue lakes of Dex’s eyes. “Are you sure?”
Josh licked his lips and nodded. “I am. Just… Slowly.”
They repositioned, Dex kneeling between Josh’s legs. He took hold of Josh’s feet and lifted his legs, hooking his ankles over the tops of his shoulders. Dex leaned down and ran the wide, soft top of his tongue up Josh’s granite length, then moved lower and licked the sensitive, hairy globes of Josh’s balls, nuzzling into the valley where his leg joined his torso.
“Oh, yeah,” Josh gasped. “Right there.”
But Dex didn’t linger. He used his tongue to paint his saliva lower still, coating the crack of Josh’s ass and flicking the tip across the twitching button of Josh’s hole. Josh closed his eyes, thought back on all the nights he had quietly worked a finger into himself, pushing to get at the spot that burned for a touch deep inside. Some nights he was able to find it, stroke it, press it, and send himself into shattering orgasm, biting back Dex’s name just behind his clenched teeth.
And now Dex rose up between Josh’s legs, drew a blunt, rough finger from between his lips. Josh felt the tip of Dex’s finger circle the outside of his hole, wetting it, slicking it with spit, marking Josh as Dex’s property. Dex dipped his finger inside, up to the first knuckle, retreated, dipped again, deeper, and continued to dip and retreat until he had one finger buried in him.
Josh groaned and squirmed beneath him. Dex added a second finger, keeping them tight together then spreading them apart, easing him open, preparing him. More spit pushed in deep by his fingers, Dex patient as the fire cracked beside them and dawn lightened the windows.
Finally, Dex took his swollen length in hand, spread the beads of slick, silvery juice across the rounded crown of his cock and pressed it to Josh’s hole. Dex took hold of Josh’s ankles, locked his gaze on Josh’s face, and eased into him.
Josh felt the rugged ring of his back passage resist at first, but Dex persisted and, soon, the broad tip pushed past. An uncomfortable burning followed, but Josh focused instead on tightening his muscles around the burrowing pole.
“You grip me so tight,” Dex grunted. He paused to close his eyes and catch his breath, and when he opened them, they looked at each other a long moment.
“I love you,” Dex said.
Josh lifted up and Dex leaned down to meet him for a kiss.
“I love you,” Josh replied.
Dex kissed him again, and then straightened up to push the rest of the way into him. He pulled back and pushed in slowly, picking up speed until he plunged into Josh with deep thrusts. Each stroke sent Dex’s cock across the magic spot Josh had worked so hard to get to each night and, in minutes, he felt himself spill over the edge and reached down to stroke himself to a splattering climax.
The muscles of his back passage tightened around Dex’s invading cock, gripping it hard, and the man soon followed suit. With a shout and a shudder, he tipped back his head and plunged in deep, his hips convulsing as he pumped his seed within Josh’s most intimate of places.
Sweat rolled down Dex’s face and torso and Josh winced at the sting of Dex’s withdrawal. Dex used a corner of the ratty old quilt to wipe them both clean, and then stretched out alongside Josh, smiling and leaning in for a kiss. Josh closed his eyes and waited, but when the expected kiss didn’t happen, Josh opened his eyes.
Dex supported himself with one arm beside him, eyes open and looking off toward the door, his expression troubled.
“What is it?” Josh asked.
“Heard something.”


  1. Good morning Hank! Happy Leap Year Day. Great post, and excerpt!


  2. Okay, Hank, now I KNOW we are kindred spirits...I have the exact photo of Tom Selleck on my Bear Tour blog today! I had a poster of him on my college dorm room wall. When I got married, I still had it...and my new husband made me put it on the inside of the linen closet door. LOL Fur is a many splendid thing!

    Thanks for the fun post and the great excerpt. Leaping away into my day, now.

  3. I'm kind of partial to Han Solo or even Buck Rodgers, myself. I'm just a big SciFi geek.

    Hot excerpt. Bounty looks like an interesting story.

  4. LMAO, that was hilarious, Hank. I can just picture you at eleven salivating over the furry hunks on tv, lol.
    Super hot excerpt, too

  5. Thanks y'all! I gotta tell you, Robert Conrad was the bomb, and really got my wagon wheels turning! LOL!

  6. Hey Hank:

    First off, great post! I really enjoyed reading about who you lusted after while growing up. It reminded me of all those nights I spent close to the t.v. with mom yelling, "Not so close! You'll ruin your eyes." Well, in the words of the immortal Marty Feldman, in Young Frankenstein, "Too late!"

    Let's not forget Sean Connery as James Bond. Woof! I still remember him in that square cut swim trunks. Talk about nether regions standing at attention!

    Second, I enjoyed your excerpt very much. Your story sounds very good!

    1. Johnny - I am a huge fan of Sean Connery as Bond, both my partner and I love that swim suit scene! I had to decide who to leave off, and, sadly, he was the one I cut. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, yours was awesome as well!

  7. Great blog and excerpt, Hank! Han Solo, yum!

    1. Thanks, VS. Harrison Ford is just ... sigh. Yeah. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Oh boy are just too yummy...and so is this post! :)

    1. Awww, thanks Havan! And you're just as yummy!

  9. Hank, you just brought up all my girl-hood crushes...hell, my mom LOVED watching Magnum!!! lol! Han Solo, Buck Rogers, Sean Connery...I've got tons of pics too...great excerpt! Happy I already have the book!!!

    Tt Miller

    1. *Waves* Hi Tt! Thanks for stopping by, glad to hear you've already got a copy of the book. Hope you like it! And so not surprised you've got a ton of pics, too!

  10. Oh god Hank I loved Harrison Ford as Han Solo...He was way better looking then that Mark guy. :-) Great post and loved the excerpt.

  11. It's a toss up between Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck. Ford has that devilish grin and Tom's just yummy head to toe...
    Great post, Hank! And after that excerpt, I need to know more about Dex and Josh. Wonder what Dex heard... :)

  12. Gotta agree with Han. He was total man while Luke = just a boy!

  13. Hank - I think we would have been fighting over the same guys! Harrison Ford fueled many a teenage fantasy for me.

    Now it's Alex O'Loughlin. He's hairy and muscle-y, and sexy and . . . excuse I think I need to go have some private time! ; )

    And . . . Bounty rocks!

  14. Wow, that is a hot excerpt there!

    I haven't thought about Robert Conrad in years. Dan Blocker, who played Hoss on Bonanza was the first man with hair on his chest that I remember being aware of. Before all the recording equipment, if you missed an episode you had to wait until reruns later in the year to catch it again. I made it a point not to miss Hoss. lol


  15. I think just about EVERYONE went for Han Solo and Sean Connery (past and present)! Thanks for the awesome post!