Free Read - Controlled Fall

Controlled Fall
 He should have known nothing ever went exactly as planned, especially for one Scott Davis. Taking a back to nature vacation with his secret college crush before they went their separate ways seemed like the perfect chance to get the whole tawdry mess off his chest. Either Kevin would return his feelings or they would go to their new jobs in different cities and that would be the end of his hopes and dreams.

Kevin loved the great outdoors and couldn’t stop talking about going canyoning after seeing a Discovery Channel program about the wild beauty of the New Zealand canyons. Even the warning on the program about flash floods and earthquakes wasn’t enough to dampen his enthusiasm. So when Scott announced he’d set the trip up to celebrate their graduation, Kevin had jumped at the only chance he would likely get to go on that kind of expedition.

Scott’s father set the whole excursion up, even getting them a private guide to an out of the way location on the southern island so they wouldn’t have to put up with tourists ruining the experience for them. The native Maori who met them at the little airstrip promised to take them to a remote area that only his tribe knew about. His old man’s connections worked like a charm right up until their arrangements ran afoul of the guide.

Kauati – whether that was his name, his nickname or his title, they never found out– drove them from Queenstown in a beat up old Jeep. The kind of thing Scott expected had seen more owners than the latest pirated music video. They rattled down an old dirt road, more of a path really, until the track petered out.

“Come on blokes, grab your stuff and let’s get tramping!” The man threw a pack over his shoulder and headed deeper into the bush. “We’ll set up camp tonight and abseil into the canyon in the morning.”

Kevin just looked at Scott and hefted his gear. “Let’s get tramping!”

Taking the opportunity to follow along behind, Scott admired the smooth bunch and flex of muscles in his friend’s ass. The t-shirt ridding up over worn jeans hid very little from view. Yeah, no doubt of it, he’d be dreaming of that ass tonight.

Chirps and trills came in dazzling bursts over the ubiquitous drone of insects. The bird song was soon accompanied by the birds themselves, forward little creatures that didn’t seem unduly concerned by their proximity. They hopped from branch to branch while displaying tails that sported charcoal feathers flanked by twin fans of white. The gregarious avians even swooped down to the forest floor before starting the whole dance again.

Scott caught Kauati’s attention and gestured at the engaging little things as they kept pace with the men, rarely pausing to posture for them, almost as if they suffered from ADHD.

“Piwakawaka eats the insects we stir up tramping about. One less thing eating us.”

The guide stopped periodically and dug up roots, gathered ferns and even collected what looked like huge grubs from a rotting tree stump. Scott shuddered and nearly had a fit over the exaggerated grimace of disgust Kevin affected. He’d be very careful at dinner tonight.

A strange whirring sound followed by a loud rustling in the undergrowth drew Scott’s eyes. Before the twigs stilled, more crashing sounds and unmistakable coos came from the swaying mass of greenery. Could something as homely as a pigeon belong in an exotic place like this?

While he and Kevin pitched the tent they would share that night, Kauati dug an hāngi pit, lined the bottom with stones and started a fire. The man gestured around the clearing in an arc. “I need enough wood to fill this pit. We don’t have time to piss around, if you want to eat tonight.”

Scott and Kevin brought back every scrap of wood they could find and tossed it by the armful into the pit. On one trip back, he saw tubers - sweet potatoes or taro? - bundled into large green leaves and set aside. He kept a close eye out for the grubs, not wanting to eat one by mistake, the chicken and tubers more his speed.

He needn’t have worried. When the fire burned down, the Maori carefully roasted the grubs one at a time on the hot stones, soft popping sounds and the scent of warm toast filled the air. When they looked like they might scorch, he placed them on a leaf along with the tips of the ferns. He gestured grandly at the crispy larva.

At Scott’s demurral, the man muttered, “Suit yourself, Pakeha. They taste like chook.”

“Yeah, everything tastes like chicken. I think I’ll just stick to the chicken.”

He had a hard time falling asleep that night with a scantily clad Kevin within arm’s reach. He worried that he might say something in his sleep or, even worse, wake up spooned up close to his friend. Finally exhausted, he dozed off.

Kauati awoke them in the middle of the night being nosily ill, food poisoning from rushing and undercooking something. The next morning, he couldn’t leave the base camp they had set up at their remote as all hell location. The man’s normal mahogany hue was now a pasty gray, making the tattoos on his mouth and chin stand out in stark contrast.

Feeling relieved that neither one of them had touched the weird concoction the local Maori had proffered with their rations last night, Scott took one last look at the pale sweating man before packing up the rest of their equipment. They hadn’t planned to return to Queenstown for three more days. Would the man be okay until then?

“Are you sure you’re going to be fine?” Scott asked for what must be the tenth time.

“Yeah, I just ate somethin’ I shoulda left layin’ where it was. I’ll be good as gold in no time.”

“I’ve got a satellite phone. I could see about calling someone to come pick us up.”

“No, I’ll be fine. I’ll just take a sickie.” The man muttered something further about “randy scarfies” and “takatāpui” that Scott couldn’t quite make out.

“Ok, if you’re sure,” secretly guilty because that was what he wanted to hear, Scott glanced over at Kevin.

The dark-haired man examined their climbing gear with an eye for problems. Being in the boondocks with no one to call on for help made a guy feel a little paranoid even at the best of times. Scott had to admit this wasn’t the best. Kevin glanced up and caught him staring.

To cover his embarrassment, Scott asked, “Is everything ok?”

“It looks great. We shouldn’t have any trouble. We can descend, explore the gorge and cave system and still be back here topside before sunset.”

Kevin went over to the dive skins, picked one up and tossed it at Scott. “Time to put this on.” He started stripping down to put his suit on. Scott couldn’t keep himself from staring as Kevin exposed more bronzed skin. He was glad the guide was too sick to notice his wayward eyes.

With a shake, trying to cover his fascination and keep a moan from betraying him, Scott reached for his suit. Glad nothing else had given his interest away, he hurriedly stripped down and pulled the light weight lycra suit up to his waist. He slid his arms into the sleeves and twitched the fabric into place before zipping the front very carefully. Should he have gone commando under the skin? What had Kevin done?

The sleeveless wetsuit slid over the dive skin like a dream. Once he was covered, he took his time settling the suit, and his dick, into place properly. Now even if he got a hard on, the neoprene would keep his secret for him.

He pulled at the collar. The damn thing felt like it was choking him. Maybe that would take his mind off of the half naked man beside him.

When he looked up Kevin had one hiking boot still in his hand. “When you’re finished, I’ll check your seals for you. Then you look at mine.”

Touching each other through neoprene wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but he’d settle for it right now. He had all day to try and figure out how to get Kevin out the thing. Maybe a nice skinny dip to cool off after a day spent trekking through the caves at the bottom of the ravine would do the trick and give him a chance to finally lay hands on the man he had been lusting after for the past few years.

He wasn’t letting fear keep him from reaching for what he wanted any more. He had nada if Kevin turned him down, but he still had diddly if he didn’t make the attempt. Nothing ventured and all that.

“You’re all good.” With a smack to the butt, Kevin sent him on his way.

Wishing he dared do the same, Scott settled for a nod as he settled his pack on his shoulders. “You, too.”

Kevin grabbed the tackle and they headed for the first of the canyons the guide had told them about the night before. Even though the trees cut out most of the direct sunlight, the underbrush grew in lush profusion. The moist green scent of leaf mould, so different from the dry dusty urban smell that he was used to, released by their steps filled his nose and conversely made him feel like one of the old adventurers, a conquistador off to claim his prize.

The raucous cries of parakeets disturbed by their passage resounded through the canopy. Periodically Kevin cut a piece of bark out of one of the trees they passed, releasing the milky pungent sap and blazing a trail the old fashioned way.

“What? I forget to stock us with bread crumbs,” Scott joked.

“As a matter of fact, you did. Now we’ll have to settle for this. We don’t want to get lost out here.”

“I’ve got a satellite phone. It even has tracking.” Scott brandished the phone his father had insisted he take on this trip.

“Yeah, how’s that working? Rather remote out here.”

Scott flipped the antenna up. At first only static greeted him. He’d nearly counted to one hundred before he got a dial tone. “Ok, so it’s not like back home.”

“Can you hear me now?”

Scott took a mock swing at Kevin that he easily blocked. “Alright, smart ass! Let’s get this show back on the road.”

Pushing the fringe of blond hair off his forehead, Scott looked around the shadowed trees and brush. The humidity lay heavy and oppressive, but at least here under the trees his light skin wouldn’t sunburn. Maybe the gorge would be out of the direct rays of the sun and he wouldn’t need the sun block he had in his pack along with other less mentionable things.

After a substantial hike through lush undergrowth, they faced the gorge. The drop off appeared so suddenly that he almost took one step too many. With a cold wash of dread, Scott wondered what would have happened if he had taken that step. Would his broken body even now be at the bottom of that fall, too far from help…

Shaking off the ominous feeling of prescience, Scott stepped back from the edge. Glad that Kevin had been a few paces back, cutting a notch into another tree instead of treading on his heels.

“We’re here now.” The close call made his voice shaky.

“Are you ok?” Kevin studied him for a moment, but at his nod, looked over into the depths, “We’ll rappel down from here.”

Kevin took one of the coils of rope from his pack, tossed a few throws around a nearby tree with a fancy Boy Scout knot thrown in and set the rest of the sturdy nylon rope near the drop off. Next he pulled two black rappelling harnesses out and handed one to Scott.

“You’ve worn one of these before, haven’t you?”

“It’s been a while, but I’ve been rappelling a few times. Just need a quick brush up.”

Kevin shook out his harness and smoothed out the straps. “First you step into the loops like this. Then you clip it together here.”

Scott stepped into his correctly on the first try and made sure all the straps lay flat. He settled the thin bands as close to his groin as he could and snapped the front buckle.

He nearly fell over when Kevin reached between his legs to rearrange the straps before pulling them tight. “That’s more like it. The way you had things, you would have been singing funny for days.”

“Uhh… Yeah, thanks man…” He’d never been so happy to be wearing tight restrictive clothing in his life. If Kevin had felt his cock twitch at his touch, Scott would have died of mortification. He didn’t want to scare the guy off before he had a chance to say anything to him.

Taking a section of the rope close to the point where they would be stepping over the edge, Kevin made a loop which he passed through the large part of the figure 8 and seated over the smaller end. He pulled it snug and handed the whole thing to Scott.

“Attach that to the carabiner and lock it in place.”

Scott opened his carabiner. “The small end, right?”

“Yes, through the small loop. Make sure the tail of the rope goes on the right hand side. That’s your breaking hand.”

“Got it.” He pulled his gloves on and noticed Kevin doing the same.

Next Kevin handed him another figure 8 on the end of the second rope and a carabiner. “Clip this to the belaying loop on the front of your harness.”

When he had the important safety gear in place, he called, “Belay on!”

“On belay!”

With a thumbs up, Scott stepped to the edge and carefully playing out the rope, leaned back and took the first step down. The first step was always a rush, that unnerving feeling of falling before he settled back into the harness like some exotic recliner. Both ropes taunt. His sliding slowly through his hands and the belaying rope held tight by Kevin.

He kicked back with his legs and let a carefully measured length of rope slide through his hands. A few pebbles rattled down, dislodged as with his knees bent, he absorbed the shock of coming back in contact with the canyon wall. Successive controlled drops brought him ever closer to the canyon floor and the unnerving realization that he’d have to make his move soon. How would Kevin respond to finding out that Scott wanted him? Best not to think about how Kevin would react and just focus on getting to the bottom in one piece.

The view was amazing, looking up at the sun dappled canopy. The green light filtered down, gaining more shadows as the beams lost the brightness they started with. Bright flashes, probably parakeets flying in dizzying swoops, drew his eye. He hardly noticed the droning hum of insects any longer.

He had forgotten how much he enjoyed the almost peaceful descent. Just him and nature, communing with one another. OK, that was just too corny, even for him, but still none the less true for all of that.

The smooth slide of the rope through the figure 8 and his hands gave him total control over his life for those few precious moments. No uncontrolled plunge into who knew what, no preordained path carefully laid out for him by his father, just total and complete control of his own fate. The master of his own destiny, no longer willing to just play it safe, he would reach for what he wanted. Even though the thought scared the hell out of him.

He halted and set his feet on the floor of the chasm, and just that quickly, the illusion ended. He could feel the weight of familial obligation settle back on his shoulders.

“Belay off!” He removed the belay and pulled the loop of rope off the other figure 8, before stepping back.

“Off belay!” echoed back down to him. A moment later the ropes swung out as Kevin prepared for his descent. “Belay on!”

He passed the belaying rope through his figure 8, took up the slack and braced his feet. “On belay!”

Kevin took the first part with a whoop in a heart stopping drop that almost had Scott pulling him up short. Only knowing what a daredevil the man was kept him from putting on the brakes. The peals of joyful laughter overhead made him smile in spite of himself. What a loon!

The other man slowed and enjoyed the rest of the rappel at a more sedate pace, allowing Scott’s heart to settle back into his chest. He didn’t quite relax until Kevin set foot on the ground.

“What a rush! I love that feeling of falling without control. No rules to contain me, no fear!” Eyes shining in a flushed triumphant face, Kevin looked like a modern day Pan, gleefully striking fear into all around him. Kevin, ever the night to Scott’s day.

A few pebbles tumbled down the side of the cleft followed by a larger clump of dirt. Scott looked up to see if someone had come close to falling over the edge like he had. No one peered back. Some of the trees swayed and trembled. Then he felt the earth shift under his feet and reached out to steady himself.

A deathly silence descended over the bush and for the first time since they had entered, the only sound was their ragged breathing. Maybe animals could sense earthquakes. He’d always thought people who credited their pets with special powers had overactive imaginations.

“I think we just had one of those frequent little earthquakes they warned us about.”

“Never been in one before. Wasn’t much to it.” Kevin painstakingly coiled the rope so the lengths wouldn’t snarl on them later.

“Let’s take a look around this place.”

Scott shrugged his pack into place and turned toward the sound of falling water. Broad leafed plants grew in profusion to either side of the stream running on one side of the ravine. Soft green moss covered many of the exposed rock surfaces as they neared the falls. A small rainbow danced near the base of the cascade in the errant beam of light that made its way down past the trees.

The ground shifted and Scott fell against the rock wall. Something gave and crunched under his hip drawing an alarmed stare from the other man. Kevin clutched his arm and pulled him upright, steadying them both. “Are you alright?”

Scott nodded. “I’m just a little bruised.”

“I guess Mother Nature wasn’t done with us yet. Wonder if there’s going to be more?”

“I’m just glad we weren’t in the caves yet.”

“You’re not kidding! I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere near one of them today.” Kevin studied the ground and the walls of the gorge carefully. “I think we should stay away from the walls as much as possible. I don’t think we have to worry about a flash flood right now, but if you hear anything let me know.”

Another tremor ripped through the ravine and threw them into each other’s arms. Scott wanted nothing more than to melt into the impromptu embrace, but he didn’t know what he should do. Cursing himself for not taking advantage of the poorly timed opportunity, he allowed Kevin to set him back on his feet.

A deep roar and a bone shaking rumble resounded from the far end of the ravine, drawing their eyes. A cloud of dust rose from a place near where they’d descended. Scott made to move to the spot, but Kevin held him back.

“No, wait. That might not be the end of it.” When he didn’t release his hold, Scott took the chance to edge subtly closer to him. Was it just hopeful thinking or did Kevin gather him closer? It was probably just an instinctive move and had nothing to do with any feelings the other man might have for Scott.

Standing in the protective circle of Kevin’s arms felt like fate finally smiled on him. It seemed like forever, yet ended before he was ready. Kevin made a tired sound and released him. “I guess it’s safe enough now. Let’s go see what happened.”

Scott stared in disbelief at the pile of dirt, loose stones and plant debris where their ropes had been. Damp earth and the pungent smell of crushed greenery filled the air. Near the top lengths of the bright red nylon peeked out of the ruin they had scaled down just a short while ago. Loose earth and rocks shifted and tumbled down as they watched.

A jolt shot down his spine, leaving a chill in its wake. If they had been on the ropes when that had happened…

“Well, there’s no going back up that.”

Scott had to agree with Kevin’s calm assessment of their predicament. Kauati wouldn’t even think to come looking for them until tonight when they didn’t return to camp. The guide couldn’t search for them in the dark, so there wouldn’t be any help from that front until tomorrow at the soonest. That left him with a night alone with Kevin, not exactly how he had pictured his big chance, but there you had it – his big chance.

“Where’s your phone? We can call for help.”

Kevin was right. He had forgotten about the phone. Reaching for the case on his hip, Scott almost regretted having it. He opened the case and stared at the cracked screen. He must have fallen on the thing when the quake threw him against the rock wall.

“I don’t think that’s an option.” He showed the broken phone to the other man.

“Ok, plan B. What do you have in your pack?”

Scott tried not to blush at the thought of the lube and condoms in the bottom of his pack. Kevin may be the Eagle Scout, but he was no slouch either when it came to being prepared.

After practically upending both packs, they spread the contents on the ground: two knives, a magnesium bar for lighting fires, a couple of flares, a first aid kit, a compass, two emergency thermal blankets, a coil of light weight rope, water purification tablets, energy bars, some bottled water and a few MRE’s. Some twine, spare shoe laces, carabiners, figure 8’s and, of course, the ubiquitous blue ground cloth rounded out their emergency supplies. Privately Scott wondered where the other man had found such a small compact tarp.

“Not too bad since we weren’t planning on spending the night.”

“Looks like we will be tonight. Kauati won’t be expecting us until tonight and will have to wait until tomorrow to come look for us. Then a quick trip back to get some rope and we’re out of here.”

A troubling thought occurred to Scott. “We do have extra rope back at the camp, right?”

“Of course we do. As much climbing and rappelling as we are going to be doing requires a fair bit of rope.” Kevin glanced around. “We’ll set up camp over there.”

He pointed to a bend in the stream about half way back to the waterfall. A small clump of trees spread their branches near the bare dirt crescent, but the most notable feature was the site’s distance from any overhangs.

“Our very own little beach,” Scott jokingly dubbed it, while clearing the sandy area of any debris. When he had finished, he had a nice pile of kindling to one side and some leaves for a “mattress.”

In the meantime, Kevin had fashioned a fire pit and reached for the tinder to start building a fire. Shredded bark, dry leaves and the tiny ends of twigs went down first. Then he added more twigs to make a fire teepee over the kindling.

By this time Scott returned with an armload of smaller branches and Kevin was ready to start the fire. He shaved a few splinters off the magnesium bar with his knife and then struck the flint on the spine of the bar with the back of his knife blade. Sparks showered down on the magnesium shavings and flashed into flame. Soon they had a merry little blaze going.

They ate energy bars while waiting for the fire to burn down.

“Now we can boil water and have some warmth tonight. Once I get the coals going we can bank this and go looking for more firewood.”

After several trips lugging firewood back to their camp site, Scott wiped the sweat out of his eyes and strung a line between two of the trees. Then he stripped the farmer john off and hung the sleeveless wetsuit over the length of twine. After banking the coals and covering them with a thin dry layer of soil to ensure the fire did not get away from them, Kevin removed and hung his wetsuit next to Scott’s.

At some point the local wildlife had resumed their vocal activity. No longer cowed by the quakes and clearly not sensing any additional tremors, life had returned full force to the forest.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit warm. Sure could go for a nice shower in the falls over there.”

His heart in his throat at the thought of Kevin naked or mostly naked and trying not to be too obvious about it, Scott looked down and attempted to sound nonchalant, “I’m with you.” Right up until he saw the tent his dive skin couldn’t contain. Even his apprehension didn’t keep him from getting turned on and he couldn’t back out now.

Heart pounding, cock throbbing and with his stomach trying to turn itself inside out, Scott followed after Kevin. He nearly stumbled a few times, watching every graceful motion of the other man’s athletic body like his life depended on retaining the vision for later instead of paying attention to where his feet went.

Kevin unzipped and peeled the upper part of his dive skin down to his waist, exposing an athletic chest and shoulders. Scott had seen him shirtless any number of times, but this time he intended to touch all the nicely tanned skin, run his fingers through the dark hairs sprinkled across the muscled form and stroke the brown nipples with his tongue.

“Come on. You’re not going in like that are you?”

Scott blushed and unzipped his suit. He never tanned as well as his roommate did, so the blush stained his lighter skin a mortifying shade of red, making even the sparse pale hairs on his chest stand out. Unable to look up, he pulled the thin lycra off his body.

He heard splashing and glanced up to see Kevin walking into the water, displaying a truly glorious ass and a smooth all over tan. No glaring white cheeks to startle you in the middle of the night. Where had he been tanning? Was the front just as free of tan lines?

Stepping out of his own suit revealed a hard on that would have rivaled any Scott had ever seen before. He couldn’t conceal his reaction and trying would only make it more evident. He strode to the water, trying not to notice the way his cock swayed with every step. He had almost made it to the dubious safety of the water, when Kevin stepped under the falling water and turned back towards him.

“I didn’t know you cared,” Kevin said dryly.

“Uh… What?” Confusion and dawning horror swept over him. Kevin was mocking him and going to send him packing.

“I thought you weren’t interested in me. Maybe I was wrong.”

Scott stayed rooted in place while Kevin bore down on him. At the last moment, he nearly turned and ran, but strong arms grabbed him and pulled him close. “I’m not wrong now, am I?” A hand touched his leaking cock and he couldn’t contain the groan that ripped from his soul. “No, I’m not. You want me,” Kevin answered for him.

Still unable to speak, he nodded.

“Then I’m going to do to you what I’ve always wanted to.”

Kevin’s mouth came down over his and he had to wrap his arms around the other man’s broad shoulders to keep from going to his knees. Oh God! The man knew how to kiss!

Breathless as Kevin explored his mouth with a thoroughness that was almost scary in its intensity, Scott felt all the uncertainty, trepidation and fear ignite and transform into a flood of desire and longing. Only their embrace kept him on his feet.

Kevin wanted him? Had he been wrong all this time, thinking Kevin was straight or at best just not interested in him? The possibility broke his indecision and with a moan he pressed against the other man and kissed back with everything that he had.

When his friend grabbed his ass and shifted so their cocks brushed, the burst of pleasure stole his breath. He felt the smile on Kevin’s lips as the man shifted again, forcing him to break the kiss to pull enough oxygen into his lungs to keep from graying out.

“You’re evil, dude,” he somehow managed to gasp under the onslaught.

“Yeah, and that’s what you were hoping for.” Kevin’s wicked laugh rang out and echoed back to them.

Scott reached between them and took both cocks in his hand. “This is more like what I was hoping for,” he sighed as he pulled his hand up and over the crowns.

“Oh, yeah! Just keep that up, baby, and I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.”

“Are you always this much of a handful?”

Kevin bucked his hips suggestively, sliding his cock through Scott’s hand and over his own throbbing length.  “I don’t know. You tell me, you’re the one with the handful.”

“There’s no way to win with you, is there?”

The clear bright laugh rang out again. “There is one way. Lay back and enjoy the ride!”

“I thought you would never ask,” Scott muttered. “But first things first.” With one arm still around Kevin’s shoulders, he leaned on the man and stroked them both briskly.

Kevin curled an arm around his waist to hold him steady in place, then let his other hand wander over Scott’s chest, plucking alternately at his nipples. The resulting jolts coursed through his body making Scott’s hand stutter.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Just like that. You know I like that.” He didn’t remember Kevin being that vocal when he brought girls back to their dorm room.

Those lean tanned hips, no tan lines even here on the front, began to thrust into his hand with increasing force. Cocks rubbed over each other spreading sticky precum all over his hand. His harsh panting breaths, now audible over Kevin’s litany, peaked as he did.

“Mmm… Yeah… Oh yeah! Gonna come, baby. Gonna come!”

Secretly Scott thought then just come, but he didn’t have the focus or the interest in wasting time on talking right then. Getting the last few all important passes of his hand over their pulsing turgid cocks seemed more pressing somehow.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kevin painted Scott’s chest and fist with milky strings of cum, twitching and thrashing with each stroke of Scott’s hand on his over sensitized dick as Scott sought his own orgasm. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

With one final twist of his hand over his swollen aching head, Scott erupted. The pulsing, thudding of his heart threatened to mask the pulsing flood of semen from his body. He collapsed against his friend’s chest with a wail.

The pounding of Kevin’s heart under his ear kept time with his own overworked heart. A strong warm hand swept down his back and gathered him close, turning him until his chest was pressed tight to the other man’s. The hand continued brushing over him, as Kevin spoke in his ear.

“I’ve wanted to hold you like this just about from the moment I saw you. I knew you liked guys, but I didn’t think you were interested in me.”

“Not interested in you? I didn’t think you liked guys. You only ever brought chicks back to our room. I was afraid to scare you off.”

“I never brought guys back with me, because I didn’t want any of them hooking up with you.” Kevin’s arms tightened and he kissed Scott’s ear.

Feeling a bit confused and trying to decide if he should take that as a strange compliment, Scott questioned, “You’re bi?”

“I’m not going to limit myself to suit someone else’s conventions. I don’t care about the attachments. If you’re hot, you’re hot.”

Feeling his face burning and glad that Kevin couldn’t see him blushing like a school girl, Scott confided, “I’ve wanted you for a long time, but I was afraid to risk it. I thought you would run away from me and never come back, if I ever let you know how I felt.”

“Is that why you never stuck with any one guy for long?”

“You knew about that? I always kept them away from you.”

“You’re not as subtle or in control as you would like to think. But you don’t need to be now. Just let go, I’ve got you.”

“I don’t know if I can,” Scott sighed.

“Then I’ll show you how. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be a panting, moaning mess, screaming my name.”

“You know how to make a guy feel special,” Scott quipped.

“Come on! Back to camp so I can make good on my threat.” Kevin grabbed his hand and pulled Scott along behind him like an exotic toy, only stopping long enough to collect their dive skins before making for their camp site.

Even though it was only midday, Kevin started gathering more plant debris and piling the detritus with what Scott had gathered earlier. Finally satisfied, he unfolded the tarp. “Give me a hand with this.” They spread the tarp over the improvised mattress and used rocks around the edges to hold the plastic sheet in place.

“Not exactly the most romantic bed, but it will have to do. I hope the exotic locale more than makes up for the lack of satin sheets.”

Scott just shook his head. Who would have thought he’d be sharing any bed with the sexy man of his dreams? “It’ll be fine. I don’t have to be romanced.”

“Good because dinner isn’t going to be all that and tonight’s movie is a skin flick staring two young college boys! Too bad we don’t have any supplies or I would show you a real good time.”

“Well… You see…” Reaching for his pack and blushing furiously the whole time, Scott rummaged around in the bottom until he came up with the lube and condoms he had stowed in the bottom.

“Good boy!” Kevin crowded in triumph. “You are so getting fucked.”

“Only if I can return the favor,” Scott insisted.

Kevin flashed him a stellar grin. “You damn well better! Now on your hands and knees, babe. I’ve got a travel plan and I’m taking the scenic route.”

Hurrying to the center of the tarp, Scott looked back at that outrageous statement. “Verbal foreplay?”

“Do you need more than that?” The buffoon actually leered at him!

“I doubt it,” he muttered under his breath. “Just put your money where your mouth is.”

Doing just that, Kevin leaned forward and bit him on the ass. The unrepentant grin on his face did little to reassure Scott. With a sinking feeling, he realized the expedition wouldn’t be the only adventure this time out.

“Hey!” Rubbing the red mark on his ass, Scott glared at Kevin.

The smart ass pushed him down onto all fours and kissed the wounded spot, his lips grazing over Scott’s skin in a completely distracting fashion. “Let me make it all better.” And boy, did he.

Brushing kisses over the base of his spine, Kevin spread his cheeks and stroked his tongue down the valley he exposed. “Oh!” An amused chuckle met his cry before the agile tongue traced around his tightly clenched entrance. A groan, raw with intensity, almost tore him apart and he pushed back.

“Eager, aren’t you?”

Scott just pushed back, moaning when Kevin lavished more attention on his loosening spiral. Rimming was even better than he’d been told. He’d never stayed with any guy long enough for one of them to do this. When Kevin’s wicked tongue breached him, he couldn’t remain silent any longer.

“Please… Oh my God, Kevin! Don’t stop.”

Fingers ghosted over his face and pressed against his lips, seeking entrance. Knowing what to expect, Scott allowed the digits to part his lips and sucked them deeper into his mouth. Stroking the sensitive tips with his tongue, he concentrated on getting them as wet as he could.

The fingers were withdrawn and pressed at his yielding threshold. He bit his lip to keep from begging as the tip of one of those fingers entered him, opening him wider and allowing Kevin’s talented tongue deeper. Even with his lip still firmly caught between his teeth, he couldn’t keep from keening.

“Yes, baby. Sing for me!”

Kevin finger and tongue fucked him, and if the man was half as talented with his dick, Scott would never be able to settle for sex with a lesser mortal again. Unable to prevent himself, Scott sang as commanded. Harsh groans and guttural sounds rising from him until finally he wailed the other man’s name, as his balls drew up tight and his aching cock twitched and pulsed.

Kevin sat back, languidly sliding his fingers in and out of Scott’s passage, stroking his gland with every motion. Pulling his fingers from Scott’s body, the other man reached for the lube and condoms.

“No!” Scott cried in frustration.

“Don’t worry, babe.” Kevin rolled the condom down his engorged cock. 

Then slick fingers pressed inside him once more, spreading lube in their wake. Scott swiveled and bucked his hips, fucking himself on his friend’s hand.

“Ready for me?”

“More than ready. Just shut up and do it!”

The broad blunt head of his roommate’s cock pressed inward in small shallow thrusts, until gradually he had accommodated the entire length. Kevin shifted back and forth, the motion not enough to be uncomfortable as Scott adapted to having another man inside him. The sense of fullness, of completion everything he had dreamed about.

When he grew tired of waiting for the other man to move, Scott leaned forward and then pushed back until he felt Kevin’s balls on the smooth skin below the place where they were joined.

“Oh, no, you don’t! This is my show.” Kevin put his hand between his shoulders and forced Scott down until his chest rested on the tarp, his back arched and his ass up in the air. He turned his head and looked over his shoulder to see Kevin watching his dick slide in and out of Scott’s ass.

Kevin shifted several times until he hit the magic spot inside Scott that turned him into a begging mess. “Ah!” A wolfish grin replaced the concentration on Kevin’s face and he nailed the place again. “Ah!”

“You’re mine now,” the self-confident guy declared. He grasped Scott’s hips and with great deliberation set to fucking his brains out, aiming for his gland and driving a ragged cry from him with every thrust. Oh, hell yeah, the man was even better with his dick than he was with his tongue. He’d never be able to settle for anyone else again.

His cock throbbed and bounced with every impact of hips on his ass as Kevin drove into him. What had started out slow and gentle soon became rough and hurried. Kevin sped toward his release and forced Scott to keep pace. He had never come from just being fucked before, but Scott could feel his orgasm fast approaching, powerless to slow the coming explosion.

Voice gravelly from crying out, he growled his release in an indistinct shout. “Kevin! Oh, Kevin!” His cock pumped out strings of pearly cum onto the blue cloth below him as he slammed back onto the man buried in him. The sharp smell lost in his post fuck haze.

Kevin rode Scott through his orgasm. Driving deeper and deeper until Scott feared he’d never stop coming. When the sensations were almost too much, the other man drove in one final time and shuddered. “Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah!”

The exhausted man collapsed on Scott, driving him down onto his own cum, in a tangle of sweaty overheated limbs. The mix of sex and warm male heady, lulling the senses.

“Damn! That was good, babe. We should’ve done that a long time ago. We have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you weren’t planning on getting much sleep tonight.”

“Why would I want to sleep if you can fuck like that? But a little nap right about now sounds like heaven. I don’t think I can even roll over after that.”

Lips nibbled on his neck and ear. “A nap sounds like a good idea,” his friend replied languidly and slipped from his body. He rolled off of Scott and gazed into his eyes. “I’m glad we came here. Who knew I’d have to come half way around the world to claim you?”

Scott couldn’t muster the strength to reply. As he drifted off to sleep, he hoped Kevin would interpret the smile on his face correctly.


Bird calls and the sound of rain intruded on the wonderful warm sensation focusing his attention on his cock. When no cold rain drops showered down on him, Scott hazily remembered the waterfall. Blinking muzzily, he forced his sleep grainy eyes to focus on his lap. Kevin smiled up at him, one hand wrapped around his cock and tongue extended to take another swipe over the head.

“I wondered how long it would take you to awaken, my sleeping beauty.”

“Then why didn’t you just kiss me like the story says?”

“I thought this might be more effective.”

“Was it?” He shifted away from the twig poking him in the hip.

“It looks pretty effective to me.”

Kevin’s wet mouth engulfed the crown and his tongue stroked the edge of the corona before probing his slit. When his hips came up off the blue cover, Kevin pulled off and took advantage of the momentum to roll them both over with Scott on top. Laughing a little shakily at the mayhem they had managed to avoid, Scott pushed up on his knees and turned to straddle Kevin’s face.

“Maybe we should be more careful with the acrobatics.”

“If you’re going to complain, I’ll just have to find something else for your mouth to do.”

“I can find that on my own, thanks,” Scott replied ruefully as he reached for the mouth watering dick waving before his eyes. A thick bead of precum welled up, just threatening to roll down the length throbbing in his hand. He lapped the salty drop up, his first taste of his new lover like some exotic love potion made him want to swallow the man whole.

Taking Scott’s cock in his hand, Kevin guided the wet tip to his mouth. He pulled the head between his lips and sucked lightly. Then he tipped his head back and urged Scott’s hips forward until his lips pressed into the curls around the base of Scott’s cock, showing him what he wanted.

Scott swiveled his hips, taking care not to choke the man beneath him. He must have been too tentative, for fingers dug into his ass and pulled him deep into that hot wet suction. Throwing caution to the winds, he plunged back inside the willing mouth, fucking Kevin’s face. Wet, slurping sounds accompanied by a happy humming assured him his lover wanted this.

Returning his attention to the cock in his hand, Scott lowered his mouth down the firm hot length, sucking as hard as he could. A moan sounded from deep inside Kevin and vibrated on Scott’s cock. His head bobbing in time with his thrusts, Scott wrapped his arms around the other man’s strong thighs and spread him wide. The fragrance of warm musky male filled his nostrils and made him light headed with desire. The wonderfully obscene wet sucking sounds coming from both of them would have made him blush if he wasn’t already flushed with desire.

Dragging his fingers over his lover’s perineum and through the saliva collecting there, Scott traced his way down Kevin’s cleft and over his pucker. The other man surged up into his mouth and Scott watched as his balls drew tight.

Stroking the rosy spiral with his finger tip, Scott slowed his pace. He didn’t want either of them to come until he was buried in the moaning man. He pressed his finger in, the man’s passage alternately squeezing and releasing him. That was going to feel so good on his dick.

He pushed deeper until he found the sweet spot. Kevin bucked up into his mouth and forgot everything else. Scott pulled out of his lover’s mouth and focused on the man writhing under him.

Without his cock in Kevin’s mouth acting as a gag, the other man acted like a dam had broken open and a flood of words poured forth. “Yeah. Just like that. More… Deeper… I need to feel you in me.”

He worked one finger after another deep into the man’s clenching passage. All the while licking and sucking the rock hard cock in his mouth. He worked just the crown, stroking the rim and probing the slit.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me… Fuck me!” His friend begged with an edge of desperation in his voice.

After a final slurp, Scott pulled off the glistening dick and shifted until he was on his knees between Kevin’s outstretched legs. His lover lay there in a wanton sprawl completely open to Scott’s view. The purple swollen head of his straining cock twitched, leaving sticky trails in the dark hairs below his navel as his pink pucker clenched in anticipation.

Scott fumbled for the condoms, clumsy in his haste. Finally! His fantasies were about to come true.

Kevin reached behind his knees and pulled his legs up nearly to his chest, exposing himself to Scott. With a groan that rivaled the waterfall, he pushed into the velvet vice of his lover’s channel. He sank as deep as he could, until his balls rested on the other man’s ass. He reveled in the sensations he had only dreamed of, thinking that even if he died now he’d already arrived in heaven.

“Move already! I need you to fuck me.”

With a startled glance at the man pinned under him, Scott leaned forward holding himself up on his arms and plowed into his demanding lover, hoping he wasn’t too aggressive. He needn’t have worried. Kevin made it clear he liked it a little rough.

“Ah! That’s what I’m talking about. Give it to me!”

All the demanding talk distracted him. He had never been with someone so noisy. Thinking to silence the man so he could focus on fucking him, Scott leaned down and kissed him. But he hadn’t reckoned on Kevin’s other oral skills. The kiss stole his breath and his rhythm. With a growl of frustration, he broke the kiss and concentrated on slamming into the body below him as hard and fast as he could.

“Deeper… Faster…”

In an effort to get Kevin off faster, he grabbed the other man’s bobbing cock and slid his hand down as he shoved into the willing embrace of his lover’s body. His breath came in big tearing gasps as he set a brutal pace. He didn’t know how Kevin found the breath to say anything and in another setting it might have been comical, but he urgently needed to come.

“Yeah! Yeah! I’m gonna shoot!”

In a sprint for the finish, Scott redoubled his efforts, pistoning in and out as Kevin thrust up against him. The other man bucked and thrashed in a frenzy as he shot cum over Scott’s hand onto his chest and shoulder.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yeah!”

Kevin’s tunnel pulsed and contracted, squeezing him rhythmically. A few more ragged slams had him emptying his balls into the rubber in long delicious pulses. “Yes… Kev!”

Unable to hold himself up any longer, Scott crashed down on the welcoming form below him. The hot wet body slack with release. Now, finally, he’s quiet. That in itself reason to celebrate. He wondered if making love would be like that every time. If the sex was always this good, did he really care?

He rested while the sweat dried and he cooled down, while the sticky mess between them threatened to glue the two of them together, while their breathing synchronized and slowed.

“What a hell of a ride, man! Think you can do that again?” The laughter in Kevin’s voice pulled him in and made him part of the fun.

“Not right now. I’m starving.”

“Yeah, me too. Let’s clean this off,” Kevin gestured at his chest, “and have something to eat.”

They waded into the stream and washed up. Kevin splashed him and tried to topple him into the water. Scott grabbed the mischievous man and grappled with him. He didn’t keep his footing for long before they both ended up sitting in the stream. By the time they were done tussling and laughing, the sun had gone down behind the western wall of the gorge, casting their little world into shadow.

Clean and happily breathless again, Scott plopped down on the tarp while Kevin stirred up the fire. He admired the strong lines and tanned skin of the back lit man. Neither one had bothered to get dressed. He felt like Adam in the garden of Eden, admiring his very own help meet.

“I haven’t had this much fun in ages,” he sighed. “It’s a shame that Kauati will ‘rescue’ us tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind staying here for a while with my own man Friday.”

“Glad to be of service to you,” the salacious way he stressed the word service made Scott shake his head.

“You’re incorrigible!”

Kevin performed an elaborate bow, showing off more of his body. “Now which one do you want? Beef ravioli or cheese tortellini?”

“That one.” He shrugged and pointed at one randomly. “Not like one is better than the other.”

They tore the bags open, poured water in with the meal, dropped in the heating compound and tucked the whole thing back in the boxes to heat. Scott settled back on the ground cloth and watched Kevin build up the fire for the night. He also set three little rings of stone with a few coals and put some wet green leaves over them. Smoke boiled up and Scott fanned it away.

“A little smoke is better than the mosquitoes,” the Eagle Scout pointed out as he handed Scott the Mr. E meal. His turned out to be the tortellini.

“So what are we going to do now?”

Scott shrugged. “I hadn’t thought past letting you know how I felt.”

“You figured that if this didn’t work out, we’d say our goodbyes at the airport and go our separate ways.”

He stared at his feet unsure what to say.

A tanned foot nudged his calf. “Doesn’t matter. I know and I want you to stick around. I can get a job wherever you are.”

He had meant to say Kevin didn’t have to follow him, but what came out instead caught them both by surprise. “No chicks!”

Kevin gave him a lengthy measuring stare. “Just because I like both, doesn’t mean I have to have both. I can choose one person just like anyone else and stick to them. Male, female doesn’t make a difference.”

Heat seared his face and he tried to think of what to say. “I didn’t mean…”

“It’s ok. I know everyone thinks the whole world is my playground, but I’m only interested in people who are cool with me being bi. That removes a lot of chicks and even some of the guys.”

“I don’t care, as long as you want me,” Scott blurted out, then closed his eyes. Yeah, that was attractive.

A warm chuckle and fingers on his chin drew his attention back to the other man. A kiss drifted light as gossamer over his lips. “I do want you,” Kevin breathed as he bore Scott down to the cloth. “I want you all to myself. I don’t want to wonder who you are with any more. I want you under me, crying out my name. I don’t share.”

Mouth suddenly dry now that he had to make a decision he hadn’t allowed himself to even think about, Scott swallowed several times before he managed an undignified croak. “I can do that. I want to do that.”

“Good.” Lips wandered over his neck and nibbled on his ear lobe. “We’ll be good together. I’ll make it worth your while…”

“Mmm… Nice thought, but I don’t know if I’m up for it.”

“All the fresh air and exercise wiped you out?”

“After you got done with me, I just don’t think I have anything left.”

“You say such sweet things.” Kevin curled around him and pulled the silvery thermal blanket over them both. “Rest, babe. We’ve got all the time in the world.”