Friday, March 30, 2012

Abandoned by Silvia Violet

I've written historicals, contemporaries, paranormals, and sci fi with m/m, m/m/f and m/f pairings. I have heroes who are vampires, werewolves, astronomy professors, deer shifters, bakers, and Regency rogues. Is there anything that characterizes all these stories?

The one theme that pops up in nearly all my writing is D/s. In some books like Abandoned, it’s overt and in others, more subtle. Intimacy between my characters may include spanking, whipping, restraints, etc, or it may include nothing more intense than a commanding tone, expectation of obedience in the moment, or holding a lover’s hands down.

But at some point during the sex scenes, one of the lovers dominates his partner. In some stories, the same partner remains dominant in bed. In others their roles may be reversed regularly or in a single special instance.

One theme I’ve returned to many times is sexual submission as a way to let go of stress. Letting go and letting a partner dominate can ease tension like a good massage, but domination from a trusted partner goes deeper to an emotional or even spiritual level.

In Abandoned, Lark has longed for Derek's dominance for years. After spending six months hidden away in a jungle, his men capture Derek, putting Lark in the position of Derek's interrogator. But Lark doesn't really want information from his former partner, he wants lust and, though he doesn't dare hope for it, love. After Lark forces Derek to admit that he still cares for him, he lets Derek take the lead, and he finds the release his submissive soul has been craving.

Lark Zaccaro and Derek Carlson were partners and friends. Lark wanted more. Then someone at the Intergalactic Investigations Bureau sold them out to enemy aliens. Lark was forced to abandon Derek to the enemy, and Derek bought the IIB’s story that Lark betrayed them all.
When Lark’s deep cover mission and Derek’s new job in search-and-rescue collide, the desire simmering between them explodes. Lark needs Derek’s help to escape a new enemy, and Derek needs to discover the truth about what really happened on that alien planet. Can they overcome lies and betrayal and find the love and comfort they seek, or will their past forever keep them apart?

Galactic Betrayal 1: Abandoned by Silvia Violet

Lark Zaccaro smiled as he stepped out of the dripping jungle heat, and into the prison building. Even inside, the stale air was so splyvin' hot it belonged in an oven. He didn't know how anyone could breathe. Not that he was supposed to give a fuck if his prisoners got air or not. He took as deep a breath as he could and headed straight for the interrogation room.
A few hours earlier, his guards had discovered a man crouched in the underbrush, spying on their enclave. Lark's morning had been hell so far, and a vicious interrogation suited his mood perfectly. The two guards flanking the door stepped aside, so he could enter what was truly more of a torture chamber than an interrogation room. At least that's what it had been for his predecessor, and the longer Lark lived on Lancarina, the more he found himself becoming like the man he'd assassinated and replaced. He pushed that disturbing thought away. He wouldn't dwell on how low he'd sunk since he'd left his partner to die in a Lithusian prison cell.
The captive hung from the ceiling, suspended by a heavy chain circling his bound wrists. His toes barely scraped the floor, forcing his arms to support the weight of his large body. The dirty chain bit into his wrists, and blood dripped down his arms. In this squalid jungle, he'd have a deadly infection in no time. Lark would have to do something about that. The man had a ship with advanced defenses. Thus, he was Lark's ticket off this cesspool of a planet.
The man's clothes hung in shreds, and Lark couldn't help but admire his muscular body. His gaze slid over the captive's hard thighs, the impressive bulge in his pants, and the well-defined and disturbingly familiar planes of his chest. When he saw the man's face, he froze. No. It couldn't be. His former partner would have no reason to be here. But Derek Carlson, the man who had haunted Lark's nightmares and his fantasies every day for the six Old Earth months he been in this hellhole, was right in front of him. Chained. Suspended. His to do with as he pleased.
Lark's cock hardened, pressing against the confines of his pants. His body knew what it wanted from Derek, but his mind was less sure. Retribution? Forgiveness? A hot fuck before he threw him in prison to rot? Salvation? His gut knotted at that thought, and he fought to keep his guards from noticing how off kilter he was. He had to play his role, not rush this moment.
There would be time later, in his private quarters, to decide what he wanted to know and how he was going to get the information. If the vessel they had captured in the jungle was Derek's private issue ship, then he'd finally forsaken the lying scum at the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau. They might say their mission is to protect everyone in the five galaxies, but they only care about protecting their own asses. Lark intended to find out why Derek had left, but his guards would play no part in that interrogation. Derek was his.
Lark took a few steps toward the prisoner and studied him. He'd wanted him for years, from the moment they were assigned to work with each other at the IIB. Derek had turned down all his advances, saying they should keep their relationship professional. But now Derek was his prisoner, not his partner. If he wanted to live, he'd do whatever Lark told him to.
From the way Derek limply hung in his bonds, he was either unconscious or doing an excellent job of faking it. His former partner had fought hard from the look of him. A livid bruise stood out on one cheek and purple splotches decorated his ribs. A deep gash on his arm had dripped blood trails that were now dry. He would have to tend to Derek’s wounds.
Lark needed the man's piloting skills. If he were going to kill Derek for believing those liars from the IIB when they told him Lark had turned traitor, he intended to do so with his own hands after they got off planet. Fortunately, he kept a fully stocked first aid cabinet in his quarters. He just needed to find a way to get Derek there without making his men suspicious .
Nothing but fear and the promise of a huge payoff on their next deal kept Lark's men from turning on him, in the same way he'd turned on the man he had been sent here to investigate. He pulled a long thin blade from his boot and pretended to examine the sharp edge as he circled Derek. He had to suppress a gasp when he saw the maze of scars criss-crossing Derek's back. If he let himself think about how Derek got those, he might be sick right here.
"Leave us," he said to the guards who were eyeing the prisoner in obvious hope of getting some play time.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Old Short Story

Back when I first started writing slash, Linda Reilly told me about a submission call for m/m fairy tales. At the time I thought "Yeah, right! As if anyone would publish me. I only do slash." But I came up with a plausible story line for a Cinderfella.

Then Cinder wouldn't leave me alone. He insisted that I stop part way through a chapter of my Samurai Champloo slash and write his story.

And it just flowed onto the paper, metaphorically speaking, of course. In one night, I must have written about 5K. That was as much, if not more, than I had written in my entire "career" as a slasher.

By that time it was 3am, and I had to get up for work in another three hours. So I grudgingly told the boys goodnight and got some sleep.

Apparently my prince was a true prince. He took offense and wouldn't talk to me the next night. I struggled getting the last of the story down. In fact, it was so traumatic, that it colored my perception of the story. When I reread it a few days later I was pleased to see that it didn't suck.

I missed the call, but that's okay. I was still very new to the whole writing gig. (Read: the story is good, but needs reworking.)

His godmothers, Linda Reilly and Rebecca Leigh, encouraged me to keep writing and have always wanted him to find a home. So I am applying everything I have learned editing Alexios' Fate and will be submitting Cinder for consideration.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whirlwind Blog Tour

The Alexios' Fate promo blog tour begins next week. I know the first five stops, but the dates for the last few are still up in the air. I am updating this list as I get more dates and locations.

March 11: Book spotlight on Redz World

March 12: I will be with Sue Brown
                 Discussing men in Iron Age Greece

March 13: I will be with Micheal Mandrake
                 Answering some rather personal questions

March 13: I will be with Black Raven's Reviews
                 Doing a book spotlight and give away

March 20: I will be at You Gotta Read Reviews

March 25: I will be with Patricia Logan
                 Doing a book spotlight with a naughty excerpt

March 26: I will be at It's Raining Men
                 Discussing the practice of mentoring/pederasty in ancient times

March 28: I will be with LE Harner
                 Discussing Iron Age Greece
April 3:  I will be with Rebecca Leigh
             About how Alexios became so desirable

April 9: I will be with Amara
            About the inspiration for my story and characters

April 9&10: I will be with Deanna Wadsworth
                   Doing character interviews

April 16: I will be at Love, Romances & More Reviews
               Answering even more questions and a give away

April 22: I will be with Louisa Bacio

TBA: I will be with Johnny Miles
            About my inspiration

And, of course, spreading as many hot pictures of men as they will let me!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alexios' Fate Is Now Available for Preorder

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to announce that my first novel is now available for preorder.

It has been quite the journey for me. I've only have one short story published previously.

I'm sure no one would be surprised to find that editing a short story and editing a novel differ vastly. I knew there would be differences, but since I had no real previous experience to draw on, I didn't know in what ways they would be disparate.

I have a wonderful editor who gave me a lot of encouragement, some great ideas, and even more help along the way. Alexios' Fate wouldn't be half as good without her, my beta readers, and the proof reader.

Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a community of dedicated people to produce a novel. It would be hubris to claim otherwise.

So thank you to everyone who had a hand in the evolution of Alexios' Fate. I hope you love him as much as I do.

Wrapping Up the Bear Talk Blog Hop

The Bear Talk Blog Hop went by in a flurry of activity. Those furry guys drew a lot of attention.

We will be announcing the winners of the individual prizes on Sunday. As well, as a grand prize winner who will get one prize from every author participating. So check every blog you commented on tomorrow.

If you missed anyone, be sure to stop by and say hi.

To recap:
Louisa Bacio with Johnny Miles
From Smooth-Sailing to Fur-tastic

Theresa won a $10 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance

Silvia Violet with DC Juris

Lucia won a copy of Paws on Me

Johnny Miles with Silvia Violet
Johnny Talks about His Love Affair with Furry Men

Sharon Schofield won a copy of The Rosas of Spanish Harlem

Kayla Jameth with Ike Rose
Men Had Hair When I Was Dating

Ann won a copy of Alexios' Fate

Hank Edwards with me
For the Love of Bears

Dianne Hartsock won a copy of Bounty

Margie Church with DC Juris
Bear Lovin'

Donna Fisk won a copy of Krewe Daddy

Deanna Wadsworth with Hank Edwards
Bear-ly There

VS Morgan won a copy of Bear It All

Tom Webb with Louisa Bacio
What it's Like to be a Bear and 50 in a Twink World

Theresa Tio Miller

DV Sadero with Kayla Jameth
Bears He Has Known

Donna Fisk won a copy of Revolt of the Naked

Ike Rose with Margie Church
What EXACTLY is a bear?

Tt Miller won a copy of My Best Birthday Gift
Donna won her choice of one of Ike's books

DC Juris with Deanna Wadsworth
My Bear

Donna won her choice of one of DC's books

And the Grand Prize winner... is Lena Grey. She will be getting a gift from each and every one of us. Congratulations, Lena! Thank you for commenting on just about every post on the blog hop.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bears He Has Known

Help me in welcoming DV Sadero to the final day of the Bear Talk Blog Hop. His sci fi m/m novel "Revolt of the Naked" features numerous bears. He's telling us a little bit about the bears he has known.

When you asked me to contribute to  BearTalk, I hadn’t really thought much about it before, but it turns out my life and my fiction have been full of bears. Checking through a collection of erotic short stories published years ago, I just discovered, as characters, a biker, day laborer, trucker, farm laborer, construction workers, and a high school gym coach. Kind of surprised me to find bears even in my recently published erotic sci fi novel, Revolt of the Naked.  On a distant planet far in the future, I have the Jungle Men -- bearded, husky, strong, also good guys (rescuing slaves from bad guys, etc.). Definitely bears.

And I thought bears were just part of my “real life,”  where I’ve always been attracted to beefy guys, firm-bodied, hairy, with  muscles a nice plus.

But it’s not just physical. I’m no fan of artifice or b.s. in relationships. If somebody insists so intensely on some affectation/pretense that the price of relating to him is constantly shoring up his illusions, well.... In short, for me, as a rough rule of thumb, the more “spectacular” the exterior of a person, the less there is inside. There are all kinds in the Bear World, as in any other, but I think it’s safe to generalize this far: Bears tend to favor a naturalness of masculinity, a gentle frankness, and a simplicity of dress. Three ways of coming on that combine beautifully, I believe. Laid-back without being snobbish or withdrawn or phoney, relating without b.s’ing, clothed to personal advantage but without excess or exaggeration. 

And of course I really like to feel their weignt on me, in whatever position. But maybe that’s just me. 

Hm, guess I’ve been lucky to have lived in San Francisco from back when: The Lone Star, opening in 1989, served not only to collect a lot of bears under one roof (and patio), but also to willy-nilly encourage the development of  bear life and ways. Now bears are everywhere, and so are bear bars and other meeting places. A few years ago a friend sent me some photos of the annual Gay Pride parade in Mexico City. One of them showed a group carrying a big length of sign:  OSOS DE MEXICO.

Give Away: Comment below and leave your email address for a chance to win a copy of his "Revolt of the Naked". It is available as either a Kindle eBook or as a paperback.

Blurb: The colonists on Talanta, man’s farthest reach into space from Earth, strive to continue the human race after a plague has left only males alive. A race of slaves is created, the Nakeds, who are unable to resist any order given them by their masters, the Freemen. Many of the Nakeds are worked to exhaustion and made to perform any sexual service their masters desire. Some colonists, refusing to accept slavery and unable to stop it, escape to a tropical forest and form their own settlement. The Nakeds are left completely at the mercy of their masters. Until an act of nature serves to reveal the closely held secret of their total obedience...