Free Read - Legends

I stood in front of the closet and stared at the array of brightly colored shirts. I always hated trying to choose the right outfit.
            "What do you think I should wear?" I tossed over my shoulder at Jack.
            He looked perfect as usual. He could pick just the right thing for any occasion. And his hair? I didn't even want to start with that. Mine was invariably just one gust of wind away from a disaster. How he could stand to be seen with me still mystified me at times.
            Jack reached over my shoulder and the scent of his cologne drifted past as he unerringly plucked a shirt from the mass before me. His arm encased in a deep midnight blue contrasted nicely with the cornflower hue he chose for me.
            "Leave the collar open and put this around your neck." The new gold chain in his hand matched the one that glinted in the hollow of his throat with every breath. Our attire was similar, but not identical.
            He ruffled a hand through my hair and wrapped one of the unruly auburn curls around his finger. Dare I hope that it looked artfully wind tossed?
            "Just leave your hair like it is." Well, that was certainly a relief. No need to spend hours with gel trying to achieve something my hair refused to do.
            Today was his birthday, so his wish was my command.
I followed Jack out of the cab to stand in front of the deliberately garish exterior of Legends, the new concept restaurant. The gilt facade easily rivalled anything that emperor Nero could have dreamt up for his Golden House. I'd heard a lot about what to expect once inside the doors, but I wondered if anything could possibly live up to all the hype. I sure hoped it would. I didn't even want to think about all the outstanding favors this one night cost me.
            Jack led the way up to the doors which were opened by a matching pair of youths, the same flaxen hair, the same gray eyes, even the same striking features. I was amazed at just how much they resembled one another even though obviously they were of different genders. They could have been identical twins, if not for that one difference.
            We entered an opulent foyer that contained fantastically dressed staff members. I saw an archangel with wings and a huge sword, a pharaoh in gold and a diaphanous kilt, someone who based on his fig leaf must be Adam and even a "sparkly" vampire. No other guests were present. Their reputation for protecting the anonymity of their guests appeared well deserved.
            A young man who could have posed for one of those kouroi statues hurried to us. Dusky bronze skin and a dark mass of curls enhanced the impression. He wore a toga that looked fairly authentic, the folds draping his body covering more than modern togas ever did.
            "Mr. Austin?" At my nod, he continued, "If you will be kind enough to follow me? Your room is ready."
            He led us to a changing room with two male attendants each holding a length of white cloth adorned with a purple band at the bottom. Comprehension dawned in Jack's eyes and he began removing his clothes until he stood before me wearing only a mischievous grin. I followed his lead and soon the men were helping us settle the cloth into the proper folds. Jack nodded to the man helping him and complimented him on his knowledge of the toga.
            When they gave us each an iron ring with the admonition the signets were "a token to remember the evening by" the delight on Jack's face was unmistakable. If I did nothing else right tonight, this alone made the evening a success.
            "Freemen, eh?"
            "Matching rings," I said as I pointedly slipped the ring onto my left ring finger.
            He paused, seemingly holding an internal conversation before likewise placing his on the most significant of fingers and flashing me a grin. "Done!"
            I wrapped both arms around him and kissed him in front of the attendants who must be credited with acting like nothing unusual had occurred, and maybe for them that was the case. We could hardly be the first amorous, let alone gay couple to come here.
            Our guide opened the door and motioned us out of the room. Once again he took the lead through a corridor peopled only with other members of the staff. Based on the décor this wasn't just a servants' hallway.     
"Gentlemen, your room." The kouros opened the door for us.
            The room was amazing. The walls were a lush sunset red painted with imitation windows showing scenes from mythology. An inlayed stone mosaic of a scene I didn't recognize and would have to ask Jack about covered the floor. I could only read a few of the Latin inscriptions. Amphorae in stands lined one wall. I was pleased to see none of them had flat bottoms. Some red-figure vases adorned a series of alcoves, but the piece de resistance lay in the dining area.
            There were two plush coffee colored couches for reclining and a carved wooden table set in front of them. But probably the most striking thing in the room was the naked young man amidst the food, his smooth golden skin in bold contrast with the colorful food arrayed around him. His dark hair and eyes completed the vision of Mediterranean perfection.
            I watched Jack recline on the couch and mirrored him. He plucked a grape from the table and pressed the sphere against my lips. I opened obediently for the fruit and pulled his long fingers into my mouth as well; licking and sucking on Jack's fingers as he inhaled sharply through his slightly parted lips. The salt on his skin and the tart grape a perfect start to the evening.
            When he withdrew his fingers, I swallowed the grape and reached for one of my own to feed to him.
            The Greek god on the table chuckled and said, "If you keep that up, there will be no need for me."
            He began feeding us both tidbits from the table slowly exposing more of his smooth caramel skin as he did. His fingers brushed against my lips and periodically slipped into my mouth under the pretense of being licked clean. I could see he received the same treatment from Jack, murmuring his pleasure with every swipe of Jack's tongue.
            The kouros who had greeted us made sure to keep our goblets full of a heavy fruity wine. A drop trickled from the corner of my mouth. The boy leaned forward and licked the small bead off my face, ending in a kiss that held a promise for the rest of the evening. I looked up to see Jack watching greedily, as if he wanted to devour us both.
            Jack grabbed him by the hair, pulling him over for a taste that drew whimpers from him and made his knees give. When Jack finally released him, the boy's eyes were dazed and he breathed in quick little pants.
            "You're not here for that, are you?" Jack's voice, thick with need, demanded the boy's attention. Both he and the boy glanced at the youth on the table. "That's what I thought."
            The boy stood and settled his toga before walking off. Jack patted his ass as he went past before turning his attention to the naked kouros amid the food.
            He crooked his finger at the youth, who rose from the table with the most cat-like sinuous grace I have ever seen. The boy, a work of art, could easily have been a kouros come to life like Pygmalion's sculpture. Lithe and athletic, with just a nice little trail of hair from his navel to the trimmed patch above his semi-hard cock, he made a nice foil for my lover and me. He was the yin to our yang.
            He stood before Jack to be admired, something I have never known Jack to be loath to do. Nor could he resist this time. Jack reached up and traced a hand from the boy's neck down over one nipple to his navel and its trail of hair and then into the curls to grasp his hardening cock. A gasp burst from the boy's lips and I watched the muscles in his ass and thighs bunch as he held himself still.
            "Not bad," Jack murmured. Whether he commented on the youth's self-control or his cock, I wasn't entirely sure.
            The smell of sex rose around us. My cock twitched in anticipation of what Jack intended to do and I could feel the damp heat of the head against my thigh.
            Jack stroked the youth's cock until he panted and his legs shook with the effort not to thrust. Then with a final twist of his hand over the wet purple head, Jack released the boy, who stood there head back and gasping as he allowed his muscles to relax. His legs trembled and he went to his knees in front of Jack, head bowed. Jack ran his fingers through the boy's damp locks.
            "Good boy." The quiet praise from his lips meant more than more ardent words from other men. The low moan that escaped the youth at his approval seemed to indicate he realized this as well.
            He parted the layers of Jack's toga with the ease of practice and burrowed his face into the flesh thus exposed. Jack tightened his grip on the boy's hair and pulled him back, then directed him to the soft skin of his inner thigh. "Start here. This isn't a race."
            I knew that hand resting deceptively on the back of his head guided him firmly, inexorably exactly where Jack wanted him to go. Jack never just rested his hand on your head.
            Soon Jack was breathing heavily to the accompaniment of soft wet noises. The erotic sounds had me so turned on I was rock hard and throbbing. Jack must have known my condition too for the smoldering gaze he fixed on me shortly after the first gasp left his throat had me dripping with anticipation. Nothing is more erotic to me than the way Jack's breath hitches and the moans he makes when he's turned on.
            Jack's hand pressed the boy's dark head down slowly and I wondered just how much of Jack's cock the kouros would be able to take. He must have been able to take it all because Jack quit pushing and merely held him in place for several long seconds before just as slowly pulling his head back up. He pulled until the boy looked him in the eyes.
            Jack stared intently into the boy's eyes. "That is what I want. Understand?"
            "Yes, master."
            Jack settled back and my jaw ached in sympathy as the boy kept the pace Jack had set for him. Jack could last all night like that, but I doubted the boy could. Fortunately Jack rewarded his obedience by holding his head in place and fucking his face instead of making him continue what could have easily become a marathon.
            With a final shudder and gasp, Jack pulled the youth off his cock by his hair. His panting breaths slowed, but it was clear he hadn't come. He had control and expected no less from others.
            "Now him." Jack pointed at me. "But strip him for me first. Slowly."
            The youth looked at me and started towards me on all fours. Once he reached me, he climbed up my body like a ladder and pulled me to my feet. Then proceeded to do the sexiest combination of strip tease and pole dancing I had ever participated in. I was at once both the stripper and the pole. As the toga slowly came off, he draped himself on me in its place, his tawny limbs warm against my alabaster skin.
            Jack clearly enjoyed the show, his hazel eyes full of heat as he stroked himself absently. His dick strained in his grasp and glistened with precum. He was as close to losing control as I had ever seen him.
            When the toga was no more than a rumpled pile of cloth on the floor, the kouros slid down and settled on his knees before me. He urged me back onto the couch and set his lips to my thigh, his warm breath a ticklish counterpoint to the soft brush of his mouth.
            He licked a warm wet trail from my knee to my groin and buried his nose in the crease of my hip. His tongue snaked out to stroke against my perineum in a broad swipe on the way to my balls. His talented swirling tongue knew every trick, but when he sucked one testicle into his hot little mouth, I thought I might lose it right then and there.
            I looked over at Jack, not surprised to get a warning look and shake of his head. No coming without permission. I can't say I expected anything else. Well, I'd just have to beg when I wanted release.
            His tongue worked up the underside of my cock in a wide wet swipe that left me gasping. He worked his tongue around the crown, dipping under the edge to stroke the sensitive skin and back up to probe my slit. Finally his mouth settled over the head and he began to suck me in. I knew better than to start begging now. I needed to save that until I couldn't help myself any longer.
            I heard the crinkle of a foil wrapper and looked up from the dark head in my lap to find Jack had removed his toga and stood behind the kouros. He slowly smoothed the condom down his turgid length. He emptied the contents of a packet of lube into his hand, rubbing it first onto his sheathed cock before running his tan fingers down the youth's ass.
            Jack tangled his fingers in the boy's hair and pulled him off my cock with a loud slurping sound. He continued pulling on his hair until he was up on his knees. Jack released his hair and offered me a black leather cock ring.
            "Put this on him, Austin." Jack nodded at the youth's uncut cock jutting out in front of him. His cock jerked at Jack's words.
            I carefully took the thin leather strap from Jack's hand. The kouros' cock continued to jump as I ran my hand down his chest and into the curls at the base of his cock. Slowly wrapping my fingers around his engorged shaft, I gave him a few tugs, taking care to roll the foreskin down so I could stroke the ultimately sensitive head. His eyes rolled back and his knees shook from the sensations.
            But a stern look from Jack reminded me to do as I was bid. I carefully collected the soft nearly hairless sac and pulled the balls up close to the shaft. The leather slid easily around them and closed with a click of the snap. The black leather contrasted nicely with all that creamy golden skin.
            With a final stroke up his length, I released his cock and settled back on the couch. Jack placed his hand between the boy's shoulders and pushed him firmly back down into my lap.
            I could feel the shudder that wracked his slim body as he took me to the back of his throat and swallowed. I just barely managed to keep my eyes open to watch as Jack's fingers entered his body. He moaned around my cock, setting me to trembling. Moans interspersed with wet sucking sounds provided a sound track as Jack finger fucked him, slowly adding fingers to force the boy to open for him.
            When satisfied, Jack lined up behind him and pushed forward in one smooth motion until seated completely within the youth's ass. The end of his forward stroke pushed the youth's mouth down the length of my cock until his nose was buried in my pubes. Jack paused before withdrawing and the boy swallowed around me again. With Jack driving, I could tell this would be my all-time favorite blow job.
            Nor was I wrong. Jack took his time, long slow strokes with a pause at the very bottom before pulling nearly out. Every time he pushed forward the boy deep throated me and swallowed during the pause. Every time he pulled back the boy came off my cock and fucked the slit in the head of my cock with his tongue. I soon found myself wishing I had brought a cock ring for myself. I had no idea how I would be able to follow Jack's command that I wait for permission to come. Finally in desperation, I squeezed the base of my cock as tightly as I could.
            Jack grinned when he saw what I was doing. "Good boy. Do you want your reward now?"
            "Please… Please let me come." I was more than ready to start begging and Jack appeared to be ready to allow me.
            "Not yet. You still have to wait, but soon."
            I groaned in distress, my balls already tight to my body and my cock strained at its limits. The deferred pleasure verged on painful. "Please… I can't…"
            Jack picked up the pace, going faster and shallower, rocking the kouros with each thrust. The slap of their bodies coming together and our moans filled the air. He started pulling completely out before re-entering. The boy just did his best to suck on me as he took everything Jack gave him. The muffled groans coming from him made it even harder for me to hold out.
            With a guttural growl, Jack pulled the youth back against him, burying himself to the hilt in the boy's ass as he jerked and filled the condom with cum. After a few breaths, he resumed a series of small shallow thrusts with a grip on those slender hips that would leave bruises.
            Jack slumped across the boy's back, his brown hair dark with sweat, and murmured, "Finish him," in the younger man's ear. He caught my eye and gave me a small nod.
            With a sigh of relief, I released my death grip on my cock as the youth complied. His warm mouth that had been working such miracles on me finished the job he had started. He just barely had time to suck the head of my cock into his mouth before I came in great shuddering pulses, my fingers clenching in his hair, forcing him down all the way to the base. He swallowed convulsively, trying not to choke on me. Each time he swallowed, my entire frame jerked in response. When I could finally get my body to listen to me, I released his hair and he pulled off me to take great sobbing breaths of air.
            Jack stood up and held him upright in his arms, supporting him as the exhausted young man caught his breath. His face was red and his chest heaved with each breath he drew, but the purple engorged cock jutting before him drew all my attention. Jack looked at him in sympathy, his hands roaming over the boy's chest and stroking the hard brown nipples.
            "Austin, give him his reward. He's earned it."
            I slid to my knees and reached for his straining cock. His uncut cock bobbed in time with his labored breathing before my eyes, the swollen shaft hard and hot in my hand. Placing the tip to my mouth, I parted my lips and lapped up the precum that welled up from his slit. He quivered like a leaf in a storm and a keening wail escaped him.
            "Now, Austin! Don't tease him," Jack reproved me.
            Unable to stop myself even at the risk of Jack's displeasure, I licked up the length of him. He shook so violently Jack had to support him. When I reached the head, I swirled my tongue around the crown before sucking his cock into my mouth. I worked my way down his throbbing shaft until the head of his cock bumped the back of my throat and my lips touched the leather ring. The sharp tang and the musky smell of his overheated flesh combined to form a heady cocktail in my mouth, one that I wanted to drink down.
            I reached down and unsnapped the cock ring then swallowed. He convulsed in Jack's arms and flooded my throat with hot gushes of cum. I swallowed the bitter rush until he subsided then pulled back, allowing his still hard cock to slip from my lips. A strand of his seed connected us for a moment longer then his knees gave out and Jack lowered him to the couch.
            Jack reached behind my neck and pulled me to him, kissing me hungrily, greedily, moaning as he tasted the other man in my mouth. I could only lean against him and let him plunder my mouth, his hot tongue probing in search of every last drop of cum.

            When he pulled away and gazed in my eyes, all I could do was sigh. He brushed the hair out of my eyes and kissed my forehead. "Baby, that was the best birthday ever. Now I'm going to take you home and remind you that you are mine."

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