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Austin feels plain and maybe even a bit unattractive, seemingly unable to chose the right clothing and his hair a disaster.  While Jack is always perfect.  Sometimes this makes Austin feel unsure of himself and Jack’s affection.

Austin’s lover, Jack, is assertive and at times a bit domineering, especially in bed.  This tendency in Jack, leaves Austin free to explore some aspects of his sexuality new to him.  But how would he feel about sharing Jack with another man?

Intent on finding out and in the process give Jack a magical evening, Austin arranges to celebrate Jack’s birthday at the new concept restaurant Legends.  He has heard a lot about what to expect of this exclusive establishment, but will Legends be everything that he hopes for?

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"Controlled Fall"
A contemporary m/m short story set in New Zealand.
This story is available as a free download with the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's anthology "Hot Summer Days."

What do you do when you are trapped at the bottom of a ravine with your secret crush and no one knows where you are? Scott did the only thing he could think of -- let the other man know how he felt. Will the situation get out of control or will they fall for each other?

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"Infinite Infatuation"
This is a Jin x Mugen Samurai Champloo slash.

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