Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Sculpting Clay by Linda Reilly

The title is a delightful play on words that lets the reader know that Ms Reilly is a wordsmith with a playful sense of humor. Her command of the language and good story telling skills make this a definite must read. It is hard to believe that "Sculpting Clay" is her first novel and only one short story preceded it. To have this depth usually requires more extensive writing experience.

The three men in her love triangle are all very different. They have different, sometimes indecipherable, motivations. Their expectations and responses to the world around them varies widely as well. And one of the men is even more different than one might expect.

She does a good job of limiting the use of the paranormal in her story. That is only an element, and not what this story is really all about. "Sculpting Clay" is about the interactions between the three men and how one has to live with one's choices. 

I'm very sorry to say that there will be no future works by Linda Reilly. The woman behind the pen name was persecuted and forced to give up her writing. The m/m world lost a good author.

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