Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taming Theron and A Spartan Love

It's taken forever, but I finally finished the first rough draft of A Spartan Love. It's much bigger than I anticipated at 82K. I've sent the MS to my first beta reader and hope to hear back soon after the new year.

I'm going through Taming Theron and doing some touching up and making sure everything still agrees with everything in A Spartan Love. Sure would be embarrassing if I missed something. I already had to change one character's name because it was too much like another character in A Spartan Love whose name could not be changed.

Then a quick pass by my final beta before subbing it.

It'll probably take a couple of months to get A Spartan Love ready to sub, but at least the two stories should only be a few months apart that way. <Crossing Fingers>

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