Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rainbow Snippets - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy

This week's snippet is from my WIP, Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy.

Charlie nibbled on Rose's withers, grooming her. Her teeth scrapped his skin in return, sending little shivers through him.

The sun bore down on him, heating him through. He swished his tail languidly, keeping the flies off them both. Rose's tail swept down his muzzle and an intoxicating scent filled his nostrils.

Summer didn't get much better than this.


This summer sucked! Shep had had nearly all the summer he could stand. He couldn't wait for it to be over. First Hoss lost his shoe, then the asshole at the dive lessons started shit and pissed Hoss off, next one of the hoses found a weak spot in the garden fence and they ate or trampled everything... and was that a fucking coyote laughing at him?

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rainbow Snippets - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy

This week's snippet is from my WIP, Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy. Shep is working to earn his diving certificate so he can save Hoss. Wish them both luck!

I know it's a bit more than usual, but I felt it was necessary.

Charlie dropped to his knees and rolled, hooves straight up to the sky. He wriggled for a few moments, then rolled upright. The sun warmed him and his eyes drooped.
He wondered what Shep was doing right now.
The door closed behind Shep and before he knew what was going on, Chris had shoved him against the door and had his lips on Shep. What the hell?
He dropped his duffle and scuba gear with a clatter and a wince. I hope nothing broke.
Grabbing Chris's shoulders, Shep shoved him back. "Whoa! Wait. What's going on?"

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Rainbow Snippets - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy

This week's snippet comes from my rom-com shifter story Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy. Shep is trying to earn his diving certificate so he can save Hoss.



"But it says here Cecil...." The guy glanced at the clipboard in his hand and gave him a strange look. Was that pity? "Orville Shepherd."

"Just call me Shep."

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rainbow Snippets - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy

This snippet is from my current WIP, Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy. I blame this on Josh Lanyon, Dianne Thies, Felice Stevens, Sanna Solin, and PD Singer.

Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy: What's a cowboy to do when his horse loses a shoe?

"I think my horseshoe is loose. I need you to look at it later and make sure it's secure."
Shep's eyes widened. "The magic one?"
Charlie nodded, although the shoe wasn't really magic.

"You've got to be more careful. If you lose it, you'll be stuck as a horse. Then what will I do?"

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rainbow Snippets: A Shared Love

Coridan leaned forward and Theron's arm slid from his shoulders. When Coridan set his bowl on the ground for Ictis, Theron noticed numerous scars on his forearm ranging from red to almost white. The thin jagged seams marred him from wrist to elbow.

How did I miss them?

Theron stroked his left wrist, fingers circling similar marks there. After every helot he'd killed, he'd marked himself. Practicing for what he would do after he slew Andreas.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Left Behind by Douglas Black

Left Behind, Book One in the Abducted Hearts series

Left Behind is an MM erotic romance set in the Scottish Highlands. It is the first book in my new Abducted Hearts series that is being released as part of Loose Id Publishing’s Three for the Holidays range. Book Two, Highland Gathering, is coming soon and the final installment, Haunted Heart will release in February!

Stewart is instantly attracted to Gary, but he isn’t sure he’s ready to date again. Gary wants Stewart, but he doesn’t think Stewart will stick around when he finds out the secret Gary is hiding.

Faced with the prospect of spending Christmas alone with his daughter, Havana, in the house he used to share with his husband, widower Stewart Robertson heads north to a campsite in Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands. There, he meets Gary James, an American parapsychologist with beliefs very different to Stewart’s own.

The sexual attraction is instantaneous, and overwhelming, and when Gary asks Stewart to spend Christmas with him and his friends in Fort William, Stewart agrees. Knowing next to nothing about each other, the two quickly start a physical relationship.

Stewart, emotional, angry and still reeling from the recent death of his husband, doesn’t know if he’s ready to start dating again, but he can’t deny that he wants Gary, a man who is keeping a secret that threatens to derail any chance of a happy ending before they even get started.

“If we’re going,” Stewart said after Lucas finished explaining his plan, “you need to go tell your dad.”

“My dad?” Lucas looked confused.

“Yep. He doesn’t even know I’m here with you. You’ll need to tell him.”

“Can I tell my uncle instead?”

That threw Stewart off his stride. He fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Who are you camping with?”

“My uncle.”

“Then yes, it would be easier to tell your uncle. I thought he was your dad.”

“No. My dad’s in Iraq.”

Right. So not much point calling him, then, Stewart thought. He never had been good at understanding the way children’s minds worked.

Instead of admitting that, Stewart gestured for Lucas to go. He took Havana inside to get ready, and when he emerged from the kata, Lucas’s uncle was taking up far too much room on the decking outside, armed with two camping chairs and a cooler.

“Snacks,” he said in an American accent Stewart didn’t even try to place. He flashed Stewart a blinding smile, his height forcing Stewart to look up at him.

He transferred the cooler and folded camping chairs into one hand before extending the free one for Stewart to shake. Stewart did and earned another of those jolts of attraction. It was worse the second time around, with the skin contact and that dark, intense gaze on him. The man’s hands were big, his grip strong, but his skin was soft. Warm. Stewart cleared his throat.

“Gary,” the man said.

Stewart knew he was staring, not letting go of Gary’s hand. The man’s height and build and presence made Stewart feel like he was caught in a tractor beam, frozen in place and rendered incapable of movement or speech. But inside, Stewart’s mind was racing a million miles an hour. He was chastising himself in no uncertain terms for behaving as he was. For feeling the way he was. For even noticing how much stronger Gary was compared to him, and for remembering Gary naked earlier that morning and wishing he had stayed longer.

Already it felt like an imperfect memory. Hairy chest, muscular body, impressive cock. He was mad at himself for focusing on the latter. For immediately fixating on how much he wanted to fuck. Get fucked. Even just be held in strong arms, feel that smile directed at him from someone who clearly thought there was still stuff worth smiling about. Because it didn’t seem to matter how much time Stewart spent with Havana, how tightly he hugged her, and how much he worried about her, he was lonely. So lonely, sometimes he wondered if he was going to die from it. And that was a drama-queen thought by anyone’s standard, but sometimes it was true. It was like the pain. A seemingly endless state from which there was no escape.

“Now, back in the States, this is the point where the other person gives their name.”

Stewart crashed back to reality in time to jerk his hand out of Gary’s. He took a deep breath. This is the part where you decide I’m batshit crazy and should in no way be allowed near either you or your son. Nephew. Whatever.

“Stewart,” he managed. “Sorry, my brain’s away with the fairies.” Wasn’t that the truth?

Gary flashed him another smile, and Stewart had to take a step back. He shook his head, forced a laugh, then said, “I haven’t been sleeping. Hence coming here to get away from it all, but that hasn’t worked either. My head’s not in the game. This is Havana. Your nephew’s been doing a great job keeping her entertained all morning.”

“So I’ve been told.” Gary turned his attention to Havana, allowing Stewart the opportunity to give the man another once-over.

Baggy waterproof trousers, expensive walking boots, and a quality branded outdoor jacket. Gary looked every inch like he belonged in the great outdoors, with the exception of the black T-shirt with luminous green alien face and the writing The Truth is Out There picked out in silver underneath. People tended to wear their oldest, least-favorite clothes when there was a chance of them getting muddy, Stewart reasoned. He turned his thoughts back to Gary, who was calling Havana a little lady and offering her a bow.

“I hear we’re off to do some exploring by the river, maybe see if we can rent some bikes?” Gary said when he straightened.

The bikes were a new addition to the plan. It seemed Lucas made things up as he went along. Or waited until he had initial approval before adding additional details.

“Seems that way,” Stewart said.

Gary looked at Lucas. He grinned. “Lead on, dude.”

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Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, Douglas Black writes contemporary MM erotic romance. Welcome to your fantasy.

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