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Free Read - Infinite Infatuation

Chapter Two: The Morning After

Jin rubbed his nose in drowsy annoyance. What was that aggravating prickle? He swiped at his nose again, vaguely recognizing the feathery touch of hair. The novel sensation left him momentarily confused. Had he forgotten to bind his hair after his bath last night?

Something—someone?—shifted, crowding the heavy heat that pressed along his side even closer. For a moment his mind refused to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. With a rush, albeit maybe more of a lurch, the flood gates opened and Jin stiffened in shock.

Half-buried under the warmth of his bedmate, Jin considered his options. Unless he wanted to fight his way off the futon, he might as well relax and enjoy the toasty comfort of the bed.

Mugen's head rested on his shoulder, one arm thrown across Jin’s chest. The thin yukata trailed half off their bodies, exposing some interesting parts of his lover. His what?! Surely he hadn't just thought of Mugen as his lover? Just how much sake did he drink last night?

How did he feel about taking his pleasure with Mugen? While surprised he had chosen Mugen, Jin found he wasn’t repulsed by what they had done together. But this did not mean he wanted or needed a lover. Much less a rogue like his former comrade. Bushido allowed for, and even encouraged, taking a male lover, but Jin wasn’t sure he wanted anything formal just yet with that yōkai. And even though he clearly should be in the teaching role, Jin doubted Mugen would just lay back and accept his role.

With sinuous cat-like grace, Mugen stretched against him, almost assuredly rubbing himself down Jin's entire length on purpose. Some wanton kami sent to temp a man, desire personified and given life.

Warm moist lips found his throat and began moving with more purpose as they came closer to his own. Jin half turned towards Mugen. As their lips brushed, he looked into a languid pair of eyes. His lover's eyes. There! He did it again.

This time, when Mugen kissed him, he got goose bumps for a completely different reason.

Mugen began slowly rocking his hips, rubbing his morning wood against Jin's thigh. Jin realized he was in a similar state. A warm hand on his far hip pulled Jin onto his side, allowing Mugen to rub against his groin. The jolt they both felt when the heads of their cocks rubbed against one another was almost too much to bear.

They both set to rocking their hips, lips meeting in lazy kisses. Jin found how good it felt to kiss surprising. Last night had been his first kiss, and that one had been... Well, it hadn't been like these. Soon the kisses grew more insistent, hungry. A tongue trailed across his lips and gained entrance when he gasped as Mugen’s fingers traced his nipple.

Once again, Jin froze. What was Mugen thinking? What was he doing? The warm wet slide of the other's tongue in his mouth had Jin poised to push him away. Until he stopped to pay attention to what Mugen was doing to him.

Jin ceased trying to push Mugen’s tongue out of his mouth with his own. Instead, Jin admired how good Mugen’s exploration felt. The drag over the roof of his mouth, along his teeth, and over his now responsive tongue, had him joining in the divine play of tongue on tongue. To his dismay, Jin became aware that the whimpers he heard were his. He tried to stop, but soon realized that would mean breaking off the kiss. And he wasn't ready to do that.

Fingers dug into well muscled backs as they both drove to completion. Pulsing almost in unison, they coated their bellies with their mixed seed. Mugen's face burrowed into his neck, and lips attached themselves to the bend of his neck. If he was this talented with his mouth, what wonders could he work lower down?

Mugen moved his face from Jin’s neck and looked smugly at his handiwork. Only then did Jin realize that he had been marked. A small flash of annoyance warmed his blood, as he thought how best to repay this insult.

When they finally pulled apart, Jin gazed in dismay at the mess at their groins. It would seem that his bath had been short lived.

Seemingly thinking the same thing, Mugen rose and flung a yukata around his shoulders. Mugen flashed him a saucy grin. “C'mon! Last one to the bath has to clean up this mess.” With a sweeping gesture, he indicated the bedraggled futon, the weapons thrown every which way, and the knot of discarded clothing.

Jin snatched up his clean clothing from the daishō stand where it lay on its side, now across the room next to the small chest.  He followed Mugen out of the room, knotting the obi around his own yukata.

Walking through the deserted common room on the way to the baths showed them to be only ones up at this hour of the morning. He should have been surprised that even the inn keeper and his wife appeared to still be abed. Judging by last night's crowd and how late they seem to have been up, Jin suspected the pair rarely woke with the sun. He had to admit he was just as glad no one saw him disheveled from Mugen’s embrace.
Near the doorway, stools and buckets lined one wall of the lean-to. Thin bathing sheets and yakata hung on hooks above them. In the far corner, a large wooden tub squatted on a raised platform over the fire pit. Brushes, washing cloths, and soaps filled nearby cubbyholes. There were even some scented ones. Last night, exhausted, Jin had not taken time to notice all the details of the room.

The fire for heating the bath had been banked. Jin set to stirring the flames back to life while Mugen gathered some towels and got the tepid water from the bath into buckets for them. Once the fire was going well and steam was just beginning to rise from the bath, Jin slipped out of his yukata and turned to take his turn with the soap.

A soapy gleaming Mugen lounged in all his glory on his stool, just now pouring the water from his bucket over his head to rinse the lather off. He shook his head sending water flying. Obviously he had not just contented himself with cleaning off, for he was rampant once more. Jin blushed furiously and used the excuse of dodging the flying droplets to avert his face

 He settled on a stool and began to perform his ablutions with his back to the drifter. The sharp scent of the soap cut through Mugen’s musky scent on his skin. He brushed the dried flakes of their seed off his belly. More caked the sparse curly hairs lower down.

Jin pointedly ignored the other man as Mugen sauntered past. He knew it was always a little iffy to turn his back on Mugen, but right now Jin just didn't think that he could turn around and be faced with what was surely on a level with his eyes. His face burned even hotter with that vision in mind.

Fingers brushed the nape of his neck, then wandered up to release his hair from its band. Soft hair flowed down his back as Mugen’s fingers continued to comb through the midnight mass. With a sigh, Jin’s eyes drifted shut. He leaned back into his lover's hands, as Mugen washed his hair. He couldn't remember the last time someone had done this for him. His parents, all those years ago?

Soon those breathtakingly gentle fingers continued down his shoulders, spreading the soap over his body. Mugen’s fingers brushed his nipples, showing him exactly what the other man must have felt the night before. He didn't have to look down to see just what state he was in. Clearly bathing would never be the same again, he thought with a touch of concern for how he might react in the future.

Maybe he shouldn't have been so concerned, this was Mugen after all. Mugen upended the bucket over Jin's head, then dashed to the tub to scoop up more water and fling it at Jin, laughing like an idiot the whole time. The guy couldn't resist turning rinsing off into a water fight.

Jin pushed his sodden hair from his eyes before blinking them clear of water. Once he could get his bearings and move without falling, he went for the hellion. What kind of child was he dealing with? He wondered if anyone had ever taught Mugen proper etiquette for anything. Somehow he doubted it.

Grappling Mugen around the waist only got him in close enough to ensure that they both got soaked. "Hey! Cut that out! We have to save some for soaking in!"

He watched Mugen consider his argument, before glancing around to see just how much water was on the floor instead of in the tub. "Alright, you got me. I'll stop, but only if you get in, too," he smirked.

Mugen dropped his arms around the ronin's waist and pulled him close sharply. The ardor that the water fight had dulled returned rapidly. He swiveled his hips lightly, and Jin had to admit that he had a good idea. A very good idea.

With a knowing chuckle, Mugen stepped into the tub pulling Jin in after him. Jin stood there, puzzled. There wasn't really room for two men in this thing.

Mugen turned and sat down, placing his eyes on a level that had made Jin uncomfortable earlier. Then with an almost malicious gleam in his eye, Mugen leaned forward and drug his tongue up the underside of Jin's cock, tracing the throbbing vein. Jin's knees buckled so rapidly that he barely had time to grab the side of the tub in both hands and sit down on it with a decided thump.

Barely restrained sardonic glee flashed across Mugen's face, before he lowered it once more over Jin's straining member. Warm breath blew over his shaft, making him squirm with anticipation, but disappointingly no return of that delicious warmth. Instead the tongue trailed over the skin of his inner thigh. Mugen’s lips settled firmly where Jin’s thigh joined his body. The tongue stroked his delicate skin as Mugen pulled it into his hot mouth. A hint of teeth scraped him. What was Mugen doing? He leaned forward for a better view, just as Mugen pulled back revealing another mark glowing darkly against pale skin.

Before he could get angry, Mugen changed tactics yet again and stopped teasing him. The mouth that he had been fantasizing about lowered ever so slowly onto the crown of his cock. Pleasantly surprised, Jin found the reality was even better than he had hoped. He’d been on the receiving end before, but this was far better than anything any of those women had ever done. Everything with Mugen had been better and Jin wasn’t sure he liked that.

Mugen’s hot mouth sucked him in and out, the lips rubbing over the edge of his crown while the tongue explored the slit at the top. He could do nothing but grasp the tub with all the strength he had and tremble violently. Mugen’s hands gripped his hips to help steady him. No wonder Mugen had given up so easily last night. He wouldn't last any time at all himself.

The heavenly grip of Mugen’s mouth continued to work the head, while a hand rubbed up and down Jin’s length. The combination was both distracting and the stuff of dreams. Wet dreams! He wanted to thrust, but could only manage small rolling motions with his hips. So good!

Amazingly he hadn't slumped into the tub with Mugen or fallen over backwards in a heap on the floor. If this went on much longer, he was in serious danger of doing just that.

Mugen could feel the cock in his mouth swelling even more, the bite of Jin’s essence bitter on his tongue. He realized that he only had a moment in which to decide whether to swallow the fruits of his labor or let it fall into the bath with him. Neither was exactly appealing, but then a third option came to mind.

When Jin came, Mugen caught as much in his hand as he could. As Jin started a slow slump into the bath, Mugen eased him around facing the other way.

Jin gratefully held onto the edge, but that didn't last as a suspicion of what Mugen intended intruded into his sex-hazed mind. He wanted to do whatever it took to avoid what was coming, but he had done the same thing to the other man last night. He couldn't just say that's too much. Trapped by his own conscious, Jin stood as still as he could, waiting for Mugen.

Or he had thought he knew what would happen. A wet hand drew across his ass, parting the cheeks. He braced himself for the invasion of his body, and let out a gasp of surprise. Instead of Mugen's dick pressing into him, a tongue glided over his tightly clenched bud. His body went slack with relief. A second swipe of that tongue had his spent member reevaluating its condition. That amazing sensation got even more intense as Mugen circled the ring of muscle, probing wetly. With a soft exhalation, his body surrendered.

He could only concentrate on the delightful things Mugen did to his body. Soon he was almost painfully aroused and pushing back into the other man. Jin wanted what the rogue promised. Nearly ready to beg for it, he thrummed with need.

Mugen stood and rubbed Jin's seed onto his twitching cock. This time Jin did not tense up when the head of Mugen's cock pressed into him, doubtless too turned on to resist.

With a rapturous sigh, Mugen sank into Jin’s yielding body. He stood there for a moment before pulling Jin the rest of the way back onto his shaft. The tight wet heat enfolding him pulsed with every erratic beat of Jin's heart. Jin continued to grip the edge of the tub, while Mugen first pulled him back and then pushed him forward on his cock.

Jin couldn't decide which he enjoyed more, until Mugen shifted slightly and on the next thrust sent sparks flying behind his closed eyelids. The groan that tore from his lips alerted the other man to the significance of that spot.

Mugen made it his goal to find that spot again. A few more thrusts and he nailed it again. Jin's head snapped back suddenly. The ragged sounds coming from his mouth music to Mugen's ears. Adjusting his angle, Mugen found that he could continue getting a similar response out of Jin with every thrust.

Jin pushed up on his hands and back into Mugen, meeting every thrust as hard as he could. Something in him refused to let him beg "Harder..." like those women had. He was a man and could take what he wanted just as well as Mugen could.

Mugen took up a litany of "Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck yeah!" in time with every thrust.

Jin was getting so close. It would take so little for him to cum. Mugen had to be nearly there as well.

Jin took one big shuddering breath and shoved back for the last time. He clenched down hard on the cock inside him as he came. He continued to clench rhythmically as his cum pulsed out into the bath water.
His lover spiraled after him, pumping moist heat and filling Jin. Mugen kept thrusting through their orgasm, drawing it out as long as he could. Trembling in all his limbs, Mugen ceased to move and slumped forward, draped over the ronin's back, driving him down against the rim of the tub.

When the edge of the tub pressing into him became painful, Jin straightened, dislodging Mugen who sank happily back into the water. Mugen reached up and pulled him down into his lap. Jin leaned back against him, resting his head on a still shaky shoulder. They stayed like that, soaking up the warmth of the bath until they could hear the inn beginning to stir with life.

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