Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rainbow Snippets - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy

This snippet is from my current WIP, Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy. I blame this on Josh Lanyon, Dianne Thies, Felice Stevens, Sanna Solin, and PD Singer.

Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy: What's a cowboy to do when his horse loses a shoe?

"I think my horseshoe is loose. I need you to look at it later and make sure it's secure."
Shep's eyes widened. "The magic one?"
Charlie nodded, although the shoe wasn't really magic.

"You've got to be more careful. If you lose it, you'll be stuck as a horse. Then what will I do?"

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  1. This sounds intriguing -- and fun.

  2. Replies
    1. It started out in a thread about a cowboy diver with a broken leg and the horse who saves him. I think it devolved from there.

  3. Interesting! Sounds like a fun story. :-)

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what it's supposed to be.