Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Latest Purchases

 I am now the proud owner of my very first book covers. Breathless Press was kind enough to offer to sell them to me once their logos had been removed.

It feels strange to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ARe and only see one or two covers instead of the half dozen that used to grace my author's page on those site.

Breathless Press was not only my very first publisher, but the owner Justyn Perry encouraged me to write and offered me a place with his publishing company.

I feel as if a large chunk of my "authorly" presence has been amputated. I'm going to miss Breathless Press tremendously.

Mina Carter designed both book-covers for me and she did such a wonderful job with them. I've always loved these covers.

Soon, I hope to have From the Ashes available once more.

Alexios' Fate may take a bit longer as I'm looking to rework the first story in the Apollo's Men series before re-releasing it.

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