Sunday, November 9, 2014

Body Language

I'm sorry I've been a bit—okay, a lot—remiss in my blogging. I'll just make my excuses right now. I've been busy. Not just with getting A Spartan Love ready for release on December 8th, but with a myriad of other projects.

I'm polishing up a short story freebie called Body Language set in the world of Apollo's Men. It takes place about 15 years before Alexios' Fate and follows King Lykos while he was still a prince traveling in Lydia. I hope to have it ready for download soon.

Young Prince Lykos lives in Thrace, the part of Greece closest to Asia Minor. He is rightly concerned that the encroaching Persian Empire has set its eyes on Greece, and decides to travel through the Satrapy of Lydia to get an idea of what the Persians are planning.

Lykos is traveling to Sardis when he happens upon bandits attacking some travelers in a mountain pass. He rescues the young man, but finds himself dealing with a language barrier.

Body Language is a story about overcoming obstacles and differing backgrounds.

I'm also working on the sequels to A Spartan Love: A Tested Love and A Shared Love. I hope to have them ready to sub before too long.

And of course, the A Spartan Love blog tour to beat all blog tours. Stay tuned for more on that.

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