Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Read on the Breathless Press Website

This is the photo that inspired Johnny Mile's "Learning to Samba" and my short story "Morning Star." "Morning Star" is based on something that my friend Mark once told me he had done. The basic premise really happened, but I had to fill in the details. Mark was just a little bit sketchy on those details--something about "fucking him through the floor."

I told him it would make a great story and if he didn't write it I would. As you can see, I did follow through on that threat. I've been working on expanding it off and on while working on other projects. One day I would like to see Mark's story completed. In the meantime, the short story is very erotic and I hope you enjoy it.

Now my m/m story is up on the Breathless Press website as a free read.

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