Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Mile Stone

I just returned my very first cover art questionnaire. I answered all the questions and added numerous photos of what I wanted each character to look like.

I want Alexios to look like Theo over there. Nicely toned bronze body with dark hair and eyes. Greeks... Gotta love 'em! The other youth in my story, Galen, should look similar.

This is how I envision King Lykos. A mature man who has proven himself in battle as well as statesmanship. The kind of man that inspires other men to follow him. The kind of man that a youth might choose as his mentor.

He's a forceful, take charge kind of guy. A confidant man who knows exactly who he is and how to get what he wants. And what he wants is Alexios.

Picture him with dark hair with streaks of silver at the temples, in his beard and chest hair. I can hear at least one, and probably both, of my beta readers swooning.

And this is the Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, prophecy, healing, and the arts. He is typically depicted as a beardless youth and a blond at that. He is the final "man" in Alexios' story, if one could call one of the immortals a man.

Apollo has also taken an interest in Alexios and intends to have Alexios pay him homage. As a deity, he has taken mortals as lovers before; however, his male lovers usually come to a bad end.

If "Alexios' Fate" were yaoi, it would be classified as harem. Alexios has several men courting him after their own fashion. Each of his lovers comes from different circumstances. Apollo is a god, Lykos a king and Galen a slave. Who will Alexios give his heart to?


  1. Beautiful photo of Theo. Is he still in jail???

  2. I don't know if he still is or not. But Theo would make a lovely Alexios...

    <>Wipes Drool Off Chin<> Oh! Sorry about that.

  3. Great photos! Makes me wanna read the book even more. I love ancient greek culture.

  4. I do too, Mika.
    I hope you enjoy it, when it comes out.