Friday, July 15, 2011


Today was the start of a busy week for me. I was interviewed by Seriously Interviewed. I think they may have gotten me to let a few deep dark secrets loose! In a few more days on the 20th, I'll be on Whipped Cream Guest Blog discussing what inspires my stories. The following day I will be part of Erotic Diaries kick off week discussing the origins of slash and m/m fiction. I will be a regular contributor at Erotic Diaries.

I never realize just how much behind the scenes promotional work an author had to do. I was under the mistaken impression that if a book was good, people would read it and the word would get around. But since word of mouth seems to be an unicorn instead of merely a zebra, I will have to do a lot of kicking and shouting to flush it from its elusive hiding place.

All of this promo work seriously cut into my writing time. Now that I've caught up for the moment, I'll get a chance to finish "Alexios' Fate." Then I'm sure the next round of promotional stops will be waiting in the wings. Of course there is this new blog and the free reads that I will have to work on before I post them.

I wonder how much cringing I will be doing as go back over the first thing I ever wrote? I haven't decided what to do about POV in my slash. I'm thinking about leaving it alone, but I don't want people who hate head hopping to get the wrong idea about my current writing style. So I will probably address that, even though I still think that third person omniscient is a perfectly legitimate voice.

I have multiple short stories that I intend to revamp and release as a collection of my shorts. (Still not those kind of shorts, Johnny!) I won't forget Cinder, Rebecca.

So I can see that I still have a lot of work on my plate.


  1. I hope I manage to achieve something. I have a lot of good intentions and don't want to let anyone down.

  2. Great start to the site. Kayla. I can see you've been busy.

  3. Thank you. I hope to get more writing done soon.

  4. I'm with A.B. Gayle. You're off to a great start Kayla! I'm glad to hear you're busy. Keeps you out of trouble. It's a difficult balancing act between being a writer and promoting yourself; some of which includes just getting out there and talking with people. It takes it's toll and sometimes you have to pull back and disappear for days, if not weeks. But you're a good writer, you know what you're doing even if you don't think you do.

    As for the head-hopping, I have a feeling you're like me in that sense. You'll go back and tweak it until it's just right.

  5. Me and trouble in the same sentence? I'm wounded, Johnny! You know I would never get into trouble without offering to let you ride shot gun!

    Off to a good start... Mow I just have to keep the momentum going and not bog down because I ran out of things to say.

    I'm flattered and pleased that you think I know what I'm doing. I'll let you know if I ever do figure it out.

    I'm not sure I care about the head hopping. In other genres it's called third person omniscient. This is fanfiction and I'll have the Goodreads freebie posted to show that I don't head hop in my m/m fiction.